Books Read, August 2012


Don’t Look Back by Karin Fossum – Nice, bleak Scandinavian murder mystery. Good antidote to the usual romance-oriented genre reading I usually do.
Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness – I liked Discovery of Witches quite a bit, even though I knew that a person in my knitting group gave up on it because nothing ever seemed to happen. I found the lack of narrative urgency rather soothing, and the romance between a vampire and a history prof/witch was amusingly like Twilight, if Twilight had been written by someone with a firm grasp of the English language, good world building instincts, penchant for historical research, and love of wine. Shadow of Night was a bit harder to get through, while I appreciated the historical setting having one character be the “Evil Gay” just seemed a bit too expected. Will probably read the third book to finish up the trilogy in any case.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – Incredibly cynical thriller. Reminded me of American Psycho and War of the Roses, a little bit. Very compelling to read, I think I finished it in a day and a half and promptly decided to read a cheapo Pirate Romance novel ebook in order to scrub my brain of the characters in this book.
The Pirate Next Door by Jennifer Ashley – I think the title says it all 🙂 This was amusing.
His Darkest Hunger by Juliana Stone – Were-jaguars! I wonder what were-creatures will populate romance novels next. I’m pulling for something completely unexpected like were-antelopes or were-marmosets.
Scarlet by AC Gaughen – Very nice revisiting of the Robin Hood myth from a female character point of view. This was discounted last month in kindle form.

Graphic Novels and Manga

Library Wars: Love and War #8
Late Advent #1 and #2
Oresama Teacher #8
Devil and Her Love Song #4
Walking Butterfly #1-4
Dawn of the Arcana #5
Slam Dunk #23
Ai Ore #6