Flashpoint: Secret Seven #2

Well, this was disappointing. I should really know better than to get my hopes up for additional appearances by Amethyst in the DC Universe. Since when she showed up last, she was an evil sorceress seductress who ran over Prince Topaz with a car, I was hoping that this Flashpoint series might improve on that. I’m generally fond of Peter Milligan too, since he gave the world X-Statix and Human Target. So Secret Seven shows the gathering of a team of magic users lead by Shade the Changing Man. An adult Amy Winston is introduced at the start of the issue. She’s spending her time teaching English to refugee children. I should have known that anyone doing charitable good works was going to be dead by the end of the issue. Amy is visited by two men in suits and sunglasses, saying that they’re there to check up on “beings of power.” A magical aura surrounds Amy and she has a vision of Mordu. She runs outside yelling that she’s only twelve years old.

Amy joins Shade and the Enchantress, yelling at him for inflicting insanity on her. Shade says he was only calling her, not inflicting madness. It seems like he doesn’t have the best grip on his mystical powers. Elsewhere other members of this magical supergroup are shown. Mindwarp is having issues. I don’t even know what to make of Zantanna. Amy needles Shade about the Enchantress and he attacks her. She promises to kill him if he tries it again. Abra Kadabra is holding a press conference to share the names of the Secret Seven. The Enchantress goes to check on Shade, thinking that she hears crying and she finds him holding Amy’s dead body.

So, not a very nice issue for anyone hoping for a good cameo from Amethyst. On the whole, this series still feels like all set-up and not very much story. For a mini-series I’d be hoping to have all the characters in one place by the end of the first issue but that doesn’t seem to be happening here. And I don’t particularly care what Flashpoint Shade’s mental issues are. This just wasn’t a very interesting comic to read, the only parts that were vaguely amusing were Amy’s bitchy comments.