Books Read, January and February


I’ve been a little stressed, so you can see my romance novel consumption increasing proportionately.

Silence of the Grave by Arnaldur Indridason
Zoe Archer Blades of the Rose series – I bought the bundled kindle edition of these books! A series of four romantic fantasy books for 10 dollars was a pretty good value, I thought.
Firey Cross by Diana Gabaldon – Starting to get bored with Gabaldon again.
The Season by Sarah MacLean- This was my YA book club selection. It was fairly predictable and standard for anyone who has read regency romances but not too bad for a book to read when you want to switch your brain off.
Lady Spies Trilogy by Jenna Peterson – This was pretty much like Charlie’s Angels, if Charlie’s Angels were a trio of widows in Regency England who happen to keep meeting handsome English lords and having affairs with them while spying.
What a Gentleman Wants & What a Rogue Desires by Caroline Linden

Graphic Novels and Manga

Chew: The Omnivore Edition
Shazam! Monster Society of Evil by Jeff Smith
Batman and the Mad Monk by Matt Wagner
Butterflies, Flowers #5
Seiho Boys High School #4
20th Century Boys #12
Karakuri Odette #5
Kamisama Kiss #2
Cross Game #2
Stepping on Roses #4
Kurozakuro #2
Natsume’s Book of Friends #5
Story of Saiunkoku #2
Gatcha Gacha #5,6
Kurozakuro #2
Itsurabito #1
Skyblue Shore #1, 2
Biomega #5
House of Five Leaves #2
X-Men: Misfits #1
Butterfly #1
Claiming His Pregnant Wife
The Millionaire’s Pregnant Mistress
Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!
Eensy Weensy Monster 1 and 2