Gothy Shawl

Here’s some more knitting I just finished:

This is your basic Wool Peddler’s Shawl with a semi-Feather and Fan border. I say “semi” because there were some spots where I managed to mess up this simplest of lace patterns. I was thinking of ripping out the boarder and doing a garter stitch ruffle in a contrasting color instead, but the ladies at my stitch-n-bitch group talked me out of that idea. I was much happier with the shawl after I blocked it, and since I was just knitting it for myself I don’t mind that it isn’t absolutely perfect.

I really like the Socks that Rock Raven Clan colorways, despite the fact that the yarn bled all over the place while I was knitting with it. It is rare to find black yarn with so many other colors in it. I often go for hand dyed yarn in crazy hues, but with something more subtle and dark like this it’ll be easier to wear with more outfits.