2009 Year in Reading

So this year I read 68 books and 219 manga and graphic novels. This is up a bit from last year’s totals. For books I tended to read a lot of easy mysteries, romances, and fantasy novels. I read through all of the Sookie Stackhouse books that are in paperback and I really enjoyed Kate Ross’s four Julian Kestrel murder mysteries. I also enjoyed Maria Snyder’s Poison Study books. I read a little bit of non-fiction, just 6 books, and most of those were related either to research about twins or child development.

Out of the 219 manga/graphic novels I read I probably was most captivated by We Were There, Swan, and 20th Century Boys. It has been a very good year for manga. I think this year I need to get caught up a little more on regular graphic novels. I’m really behind in following Ed Brubaker’s Captain America, so I need to pick up some of the GNs I’ve missed.