Amethyst and the Weirdoverse – Challengers of the Unknown


The third part of the Convergence crossover takes place in Challengers of the Unknown #6. This is more of a standalone story than the other titles, with the Gemworld connection not really made apparent until the conclusion of the story. The cover shows the Challengers ducking away from an orb emitting a strange yellow light.

In Salt Lake City a young girl named Danni collapses on a playground. The Challengers hear that all around the world, 1 in 12 people abruptly went into a coma. The group figures out what the coma victims have in common, they are all Scorpios.


Kenn Kawa leaves the group, saying he has to be somewhere and he wouldn’t be able to help out with the case. He flies to Salt Lake City, where he has an encounter with a strange cab driver who makes an ineffectual joke about Salt Lake City’s grid street system.


It turns out that one of the coma victims is Kenn’s long-lost daughter. Look, he brought her a present!


Kenn’s ex-wife doesn’t want to see him. She kicks him out of the house. He goes to kiss his daughter goodbye and detects something strange in her room. He finds a clue.


Kenn calls the other Challengers to tell them that the Topaz birthstone may hold a cure. They travel to Utah. Kenn has arranged a giant Topaz Man on top of some topaz deposits in the mountains.

Here’s a reference to our Prince Topaz, in a story that Danni wrote.

The Challengers join in a circle and energy activates around the Topaz Man and all the people who were in comas. Prince Topaz is freed.


I guess he was trapped by going through the portal in the wrong way at Baron Winters’ house.

Kenn’s daughter wakes up, and so do the other coma victims. All is right with the world. But all will not be right for poor Prince Topaz in the conclusion of the Convergence crossover in Scare Tactics #8.