October Previews


I think it continues to be an ominous sign that I’m continuing to see nothing solicited by Aurora or GoComi. I’m likely to pare this list down some, but this is what was on my initial to buy list after looking through Previews.


Venus Capriccio #3

Stolen Hearts #1 – The cover of this series just looked so cute, I was already sold on it even before I read the summary saying it is about a girl forced to work in a kimono shop owned by the family of the scariest boy at her school.

Del Rey Manga

Wild at Heart #1 – I’m slightly tempted by this series by the artist of Kitchen Princess, but I’m not quite sure I’d be into the whole shoujo Tarzan and Jane premise.


Tokyopop has a bunch of stuff listed that I like:


Maid Sama #3

Happy Cafe #1 – Uru takes her mother’s remarriage as an opportunity to work part time at the Happy Cafe. There, she befriends Ichirou and Shindou, two of the most unsociable guys she’s ever met! To make matters worse, it turns out that Uru is not exactly meant for the waitressing world, as she’s a HUGE clutz. But as this hilarious shojo tale unfolds, true happiness-and even true love-lurk just around the corner… I usually like manga involving food, so I’m looking forward to checking this out. Plus, I love manga series with stories about cranky guys, and I’m in favor of the cover design which looks like it incorporates coffee stains.

Kyo Kara Maoh #5

I’m reminded by seeing volume 7 of V.B. Rose listed that I really need to go back and check out volumes 1 and 2. I liked the little preview of this series that was packaged with the final volume of Fruits Basket, so I’ve been meaning to read it.


Mostly ongoing series here:

All My Darling Daughers #1 – I’m always eager to sample a new Fumi Yoshinaga series. This one is about a salarywoman whose mother abruptly becomes engaged to a man younger than her daughter.

Fullmetal Alchemist #22
Nana #20
Red River #23
Sand Chronicles #7
Vagabond VizBig #6
We Were There #8

Yen Press

Yotsuba&! #7 – Yay!

Weird Yaoi title of the month: How to Capture a Martini