On Grocery Shopping with Two Toddlers

No, you can’t push the mini-shopping cart. Can you help Mommy push the stoller? Put your hands on the stroller! Push Push Push!
Do you want strawberries? OK. No, Mommy will carry the strawberries.
Please don’t push your brother, push the stroller.
You can have some cookies. OK, we will get chocolate teddy bear cookies. No, not those cookies too.
Other cookie package crashes to the floor. I guess we’re getting those cookies.
Put your hands on the stroller, not on the shelf. Hands on the stroller. Hands on the stroller.
Where’s your yogurt? No, that’s not your yogurt. This is your yogurt.
Beer isn’t for babies.
That’s a nice color, but we don’t need limes.
Hands on the stoller. Thank you.
OK, we will buy bananas. Yes, you can eat a banana. No, we need to pay for the banana before you eat it.
You will be able to eat a banana in a minute.
Almost time to eat a banana. I swear, you will be able to eat a banana.
Get in the stroller, I will give you a banana.
Here is your banana!