Two Flowers for the Dragon #2

Two Flowers for the Dragon Volume 2 by Nari Kusakawa

I enjoyed the first volume of this series, but I missed having more details about Shakuya’s dueling fiances. Fortunately the second volume starts filling in some of the backstory. Shakuya is kidnapped by snake charmers who use their ability to hypnotize her. Kuwan and Lucien head out into the desert to rescue her, and Kuwan tells Lucien that although Shakuya is young he’s still captivated by her. Shakuya isn’t content to wait for rescue and begins manufacturing her means of escape through crying. She then uses her command of water to turn her tears into weapons against her captors.

Lucien’s character is fleshed out when he and Shakuya visit his family. His mother laments that his amnesia has turned him into a stranger and the only person he trusts is Shakuya. There’s a flashback episode where we see a ten year old Shakuya dealing with her new protector Kuwan. She wants to run out into the desert to search for the missing Lucien, but he handcuffs himself to her to prevent her from endangering herself. There are hints of a larger conspiracy, as Lucien’s mentor during his missing years may have been the dancer that prompted Shakuya’s parents to divorce. Two Flowers for the Dragon continues to entertain.