Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #11 (second series)

In this issue Amethyst deals with the wreckage of her unfortunate love life on the Gemworld and Carnelian gets evil. Very very evil! Also, Sardonyx is tempted by treachery yet again. The title of the issue is “Sacrifice.”

I really like the cover for this issue, as it has a courtly love sort of vibe. The classic Gemworld love triangle of Amethyst, Topaz, and Turquoise appear on the cover. Amethyst looks demure while clutching a golden filigreed staff. Bluebirds circle over her head.

Topaz has a “Hmmm” expression on his face as he rubs his chin. It must be rough having to choose between two women. Turquoise is looking a little cynical, and she’s armed with plenty of weaponry.

The issue opens with Amethyst, Topaz, and Turquoise on a beech watching the sun rise. Topaz remarks “The sun my Princess Amethyst, is as much your obedient subject as we!” Amethyst doesn’t want obedience, she only wanted what she gave — love. Topaz and Turquoise tell her that she has their love, but the love of obedient subjects wasn’t what Amethyst had in mind.

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Amethyst then proceeds to act like the 13 year old girl she is. Topaz points out that he can’t be with her because of her real age on Earth. He comments “For all your appearance on this world you are a child of thirteen on yours — and not a woman, nor are you of this world.” Amethyst agrees that she’s not of this world because the Gemworld is filled with lies, cruelty and false friends. She hops on her flying unicorn. Topaz reminds her of her responsibility to the Gemworld and Amethyst says her responsibility is for the people who really love her back on Earth.

Topaz and Turquoise follow Amethyst because the Gemworld won’t survive without her. Amethyst flies over Dark Opal’s kingdom and sees a dark cloud appear, swirling around and whirling away everything through a magic portal. The kingdom is left totally barren. Amethyst turns around and asks if Topaz and Turquoise know what happened. Turquoise wonders if it was the ancient ones. Amethyst comments that the devastation stops at Opal’s borders. A giant rock begins to erupt on Opal’s land and it appears to be sentient. Amethyst can tell that Dark Opal’s magic is at work. She goes to investigate and Topaz warns her to be careful. Turquoise wonders why Topaz seems to be so concerned.

The rock beast sends everyone flying, and Topaz rushes to rescue Turquoise. Amethyst feels totally ignored, and she’s very sad. The rock monster is also sucked into the magic portal and vanishes. Amethyst hopes that it means that Dark Opal and his influence is gone from the Gemworld forever. Topaz and Turquoise doubt that they’ve seen the last of Dark Opal. Turquoise says “May we not put aside our problems and server the greater good: the welfare of the Gemworld?” Amethyst says no!

On Earth Rita’s dad is unhappy to discover that her bed hasn’t been slept in. Her younger brother helpfully tattles that the creepy kid with a claw for a hand came by to pick her up at 3am. Rita’s dad storms off to Carl’s house, saying that he’ll beat her black and blue. When he gets to Carl’s house he is greeted by a decidedly creepy looking Uncle Orville.

Mr. Winston leaves for work thinking of how sick he is of his life, saying the same things to his wife every day. He’s sick of not knowing where Amy is. He’s distracted by his student Gina. She gets in his car and Mrs. Winston sees them drive away together.

Mrs. Winston goes back in the house and sees that Amy is back from the Gemworld. They have a mother-daughter talk. I like the way the panels are framed with purple images of the people Amy left behind on the Gemworld.

Things do not go well when Rita’s Dad attempts to confront robot Uncle Orville.

The Robot Orvilles drag Rita’s dad to the game room. Rita is hanging out by the pool table looking zonked out. She says “Hi Daddy.” The Orvilles force Rita’s dad to lie down on the pool table and Carl feeds Opal’s amulet a drop of blood. He then proceeds to use Rita’s dad as a human sacrifice to feed Opal’s amulet. It seems quite delighted and is invigorated with new power.

Amy wakes up Emmy and tells her that she’s back for good. Emmy says that she’d like to stay with Amy and her parents for a long time. Amy says that would be wonderful, because Emmy is like a sister to her. Emmy is happy to leave the Gemworld and all the annoying people on it behind. “No more magic, nor more dreadful sorcerers, no Sardonyx, no Garnet, no Turquoise or Topaz or…” Amy starts crying and Emmy asks what is wrong.

Back on the Gemworld Sardonyx’s wife gives him some unwanted advice. He’s been depressed since he had to smash his amulet to liberate his kingdom. She’s tired of him moping, and points out that if Amethyst is gone that leaves an opportunity for Sardonyx to become the most powerful house.

Sardonyx wanders outside, wondering if he could dare to kill Amethyst. A giant gemstone snake erupts from the sands, saying that Sardonyx has been given wise counsel by his wife. The snake is the living totem of the Sardonyx house and it brings a present – a new heartstone Sardonyx can use to focus his magic. It says that the house of Sarxonyx can’t live while she lives, and maybe she can be killed through the use of enchantments or the “sslender ssteel of a betrayer’ss knife!”

Yikes! Amethyst better watch her back!