Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #10 (second series)

This is one of my favorite issues of Amethyst Princess of Gemworld. The visually striking cover shows Amethyst illuminated in purple against a stark black background, walking towards the reader.

When I read Amethyst as a kid, this is one of the few issues that I bought and I read it over and over again. Most of the other issues I read in a piecemeal fashion at the public library or grocery store spinner racks, and I didn’t assemble a complete run of the comic until many years later. Ernie Colon continues his return on the art chores.

The title of this issue is “Blackout,” and we have the ancient ones playing a very dirty trick, Prince Garnet finally drawn to look as cute as I always knew he was, Prince Topaz making a startling discovery, and Amethyst saving the Gemworld through the application of basic Earth real estate principles.

Amethyst flies over the Gemworld on her winged unicorn. She consulted the Well of Vision, and one of the Ancient Ones told her to journey to where the sun rises.

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Flying creatures that serve the Ancient Ones pursue her over the Eastern sea, but she manages to deflect their blasts with her magic shield. The creatures create a spell and throw loops of magic around the sun, stealing it away!

Isn’t the switch to the stark contrast in the coloring great? A nice way to indicate the disappearing sun. Amethyst wants to stop them, but a giant bat laughs at her saying “How long will your people want to stay on this world once it is plunged into internal darkness? No, you cannot save the Gemworld, Amethyst! Why, you cannot even save yourself!” He knocks Amethyst off her unicorn and she falls into the sea. The bat tells her that his masters have decided that her death isn’t necessary, and she should return to her other life on the “dreary magicless world you call Earth.”

Amethyst concludes that she’s fought too often to save the Gemworld, she isn’t going to stop now. Back on Earth, Rita shows Carnelian an interesting pendant, it is Dark Opal’s amulet! Carl claims it as his by right of inheritance and says that he’ll reward Rita. I love the inset image of the amulet salivating. Things are not going to turn out well for poor Carnelian.

Amethyst’s unicorn returns to rescue her from the sea. She crawls to shore, only to be greeted by a man wearing green boots. She thinks it is someone sent from the Ancient ones to kill her after all. Reaching for a knife, Amethyst says “I don’t know who you are, mister, or what you want…but you’ll find no easy pickings here!”

Prince Garnet agrees with her, and apologizes that he was too late to help her with her confrontation with the creatures of the Ancient Ones. Garnet thought that their work was done when they defeated Fire Jade, but now he realizes they have to fight yet again. He recounts his days as a child serving them. Basically he acted as the Silver Surfer for the ancient ones – showing up on magical worlds as a harbinger of destruction before the Ancient Ones destroyed worlds to feed on magic.

Back on Earth another harbinger of doom knocks on Herb Winston’s office door. It is a coed who starts hitting on him, announcing that she knows he’s been studying magic and can help him. Hmmmmm…..

On the Gemworld everyone is freaking out because the sun vanished. In Sapphire’s realm people take to the streets carrying torches, demanding that the nobles explain what is going on. Prince Moonstone gives Lady Sapphire a hug and they draw strength from each other. In the temple of the Diamond priests, Lord Garnet and Lord Moonstone are asking for answers. The priest levitates in midair and announces that Amethyst seeks the people that stole the sun, accompanied by a brave ally. If Amethyst fails they must plan an exodus from the Gemworld.

Topaz and Turquoise continue to hang out with White Opal in his castle in the clouds. White Opal thinks the Ancient Ones may be behind the disappearance of the sun. Turquoise thinks the Ancient Ones are a tale used to frighten children. White Opal says that they are real, Citrina was his tutor to both Opals when they were children and he knows the true history of the Gemworld. He releases a glowing orb from a box, saying it will guide them to the Ancient Ones. Topaz and Turquoise set off to fight.

Amethyst and Garnet ride towards an ancient temple of the Ancient Ones. She sees Turquoise and Topaz arriving and is not happy to see them.

Garnet brings everybody back on task and they head into the temple to confront the Ancient Ones. They are transported into another world filled with giant crabs. They battle the crustaceans but are quickly overwhelmed. Topaz asks if they can escape through one of Amethyst’s portals. She can’t find the Gemworld, but she does manage to find Earth.

Whoopsie! Everyone from the Gemworld is startled to see 13 year old Amy. Topaz states the obvious “It’s amazing Amethyst! You’re so young!” She replies “So it seems, Topaz.” Amy’s mom comes back from the store and goes up to her daughter’s room to find out who’s visiting. This is hilarious. Topaz is totally freaking out.

Amethyst heads back to the Gemworld. After combining everyone’s powers they wind up at the fortress of the Ancient Ones. They begin to fight the protectors of the fortress, but Amethyst is distracted by a voice in her head. The sun is reaching out to her. Everything on the Gemworld has an affinity for Amethyst, and she can use the sun’s power as her own. She burns the fortress.

Suddenly the Ancient Ones want to negotiate. Amethyst suggests that instead of destroying magical worlds to satisfy their hunger, they just take tiny bits of magic from the living worlds. They’d be collecting magical rent. The Ancient Ones decide to ponder this new concept and return Amethyst and her companions to the Gemworld.

The sun comes back! Note how everyone is happy except Turquoise!

Garnet decides to go back to work for the Ancient Ones as their rent collector. He vanishes in a puff of green smoke saying “Convey my love to my father!” Amethyst, Topaz, and Turquoise decide to talk about their relationship. Topaz makes the extremely weenie comment “I love both of you!” Turquoise is furious, saying that she’d be happy to share many things with Amethyst, but not her lover. Amethyst suggests that they go someplace private to hash everything out.

Back on Earth Carnelian continues to be evil. He takes Rita home and introduces her to his robot uncle, which sounds like a euphemism for an unspeakably dirty act. But in this case, Rita just met a rebuilt Uncle Orville. Then Carnelian makes a speech about how everyone will be sorry now that he has Dark Opal’s power. Yikes!