Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #5 (second series)

This issue feels like it is treading water. A few things happen, but nothing particularly significant. At least Prince Carnelian has some funny lines.

The cover of the issue shows Amethyst and Carnelian on a bridge between worlds, surrounded by spooky looking disembodied monster heads. Carnelian is saying “We’ve only seconds to reach the Gemworld, Amethyst — or we’ll be stranded here forever!!!”

The title of the issue is “The Boy Next Door”

The headless Uncle Orville robot is holding Amy and Emmy over the incinerator. Amy cries “By my mother’s sword, is there no one to rescue us?!” Amy’s dog Taffy springs to the rescue, knocking down the robot. Now that Emmy can concentrate she is able to use her elemental powers to harness the flames, setting Robot Orville on fire. Orville’s disembodied head still has a few tricks up its nonexistent sleeve. It fires some laser beams from its eyes at Emmy. Amy and Taffy team up to trip Robot Orville, and it falls into the flames. Amy tells Taffy to stand guard outside in case Carl comes back.

Emmy and Amy examine the strange machine with the magical aura. Amy touches it and different colored beams shoot out of it. When she stands in one beam she turns into Amethyst.

She grabs Emmy’s hand and starts to travel up the beam, saying that if Carl has discovered the way home it could be their big chance to return Emmy home and help Citrina.

Poor Prince Moonstone is traveling back home in a flying carriage pulled by giant green ducks. He mopes, saying “I’ll never be able to show my face at Castle Turquoise again. Lady Sapphire suddenly appears next to him, with the remark “They you shall have more time to show your face to me alone, good prince!” That Lady Sapphire has some smooth moves. She’s been hanging out right next to Prince Moonstone for the better part of a day. Prince Moonstone is embarrassed again that Lady Sapphire witnessed his humiliation. She says that he isn’t a fool, “For one who follows the instruction of his heart could never be described in such a manner!”

Prince Moonstone’s parents are surprised that he’s returning with a companion, but they are surprised that it is Lady Sapphire instead of Lady Turquoise. Lady Sapphire explains the reason for her visit. She’s looking for a husband! Prince Moonstone is startled.

It is taking Amethyst and Emmy much longer to reach the Gemworld than it should. They walk through a dark and creepy portal but spot a forest at the end. Is it the Gemworld?

No, it is The Plantworld!

Amethyst and Emmy decide not to stick around to fight Dark Maple. They return to the basement and Amy locates another beam that turns her into Amethyst. When they follow it, they end up standing in front of a giant gem wall. Scenes from the Gemworld are reflected in the facets. Amethyst sees her castle being battered by storms. Carnelian suddenly appears and comments on the situation.

Amethyst notices that the pathway that brought them to the gem wall has vanished. They are trapped inside a giant gem. Carnelian moves to smash his way through to the Gemworld, but Amethyst says that it is too risky. Carnelian says “Your time on Earth has dulled your wits, girl!” He notices Sardonyx and takes the time to comment on Gemworld fashion.

Sardonyx is climbing a mountain in search of a golden claw. He locates it but a griffin starts to circle overhead. Amethyst uses some of her magic to shout a warning, and Sardonyx is able to escape from the creature. He wonders aloud, “Has a guardian spirit come to aid my mission — the killing of Witch-Mother Citrina?!” Amethyst is horrified that she saved his life so he can murder the person she loves most on the Gemworld. She decides to try Carnelian’s plan of smashing one of the facets to see if it leads to the Gemworld.

Interdimensional goop starts pouring through the hole. Carnelian is so desperate to get back to the Gemworld he decides to try swimming through the muck. Amethyst grabs his leg and pulls him back, saying that the gem facet may have acted like a telescope, making the Gemworld seem like it was closer than it really is. Goop starts to fill up the gem.

Lord Garnet is sitting in his son’s room thinking that the end of the Gemworld is near at hand.

He picks up his son’s sword and uses his magic to levitate some balls. Garnet’s magic fails him and he falls further into despair saying “My dearest son, it does appear I soon will join you in that realm that has no name. My only prayer is that we two should meet beyond the veil of death.

Carnelian is panicking. He yells “I’m too young to die! And too good looking!” Amethyst says that she can’t believe what a coward he is. She remembers that when she was running from the goop before, it seemed to flow away from the Gemworld towards Earth. Amethyst encases everyone in a magic bubble while the goop starts to fill the gem. Carnelian says “Are you deranged, girl?” She replies “Maybe…after all I’ve been through lately! But I don’t hear any one else suggesting a solution!”

Amethyst sees that the goop is flowing towards an open facet. She dissolves the bubble and they run through the portal back to Carl’s basement. Amy asks Carl why he moved next door and started acting like a mad scientist. Carl just wants to go back to the Gemworld.

Amy says that she’d be happy to send Carl back to the Gemworld just to get him out of her hair, but she can’t. The interdimensional goop prevents anyone from going back, and the only way she can visit the Gemworld is in her sleep. Amy and Emmy head home. Amy is worried about Citrina. She should be worried about Carl and his creepy closet of additional Uncle Orville robots!