Toshokan Sensō – Library War Episode 8

I’ve fallen way behind in my Library War blogging.

Iku is called before a tribunal because the ratfink Sumigawa falsely named her as a collaborator. He’s unreachable at the moment, because he is allegedly sick and resting at home. Iku’s friends wonder if this is the work of the horrible Administrative Faction of the Library Corps. Iku has no idea what they’re talking about, so Dojo helpfully explains with the aid of charts:

The Principle Faction of the Corps is Iku’s unit, lead by Commander Inamine. It stands for all the library principles a librarian holds dear like freedom to read and independence. The Administrative Faction advocates greater control. Down with middle management!!!!!

Iku’s caught up in office politics beyond her paygrade. She’s given a notebook with information about the questions she might be asked. Dojo tells her to study hard by copying out her responses one hundred times.

When Iku is being questioned the terrible men in suits mention that they can tell she’s been inclined towards the Principal Faction from the very begining. They say that someone else from the PF has abused authority in the past. Could it be Dojo?! Iku is asked about the nature of her relationship with Sumigawa. Did she help him with his improper book disposal project? She replies that she didn’t particularly pay attention to him. She helped him move some packages, but she didn’t know what was inside. Iku begins to break down under questioning a little bit. She mentions that she disagreed wth Sumigawa’s memo, so the suits ask if she lied when she said that she didn’t pay much attention to him. Dojo opens the door and says that time’s up. Iku has to return to her job.

Iku is reunited with Genda and her other buddies. Genda tells her to hand over the recording device she had planted on her during questioning. Everyone listens to the interview. Hikaru remembers that he was with Iku the day the books were disposed of. He wonders why his name wasn’t mentioned too. He thinks about his dastardly brother.

Then the tape shifts to Iku and Dojo’s conversation after they leave the room. She says it was scary. He tells her she did a good job. She says that if he acts gentle towards her she might cry. Iku is horrifically embarrassed.

Iku’s roommate Shibasaki is meeting with her acquaintance from the judiciary. He apologies to her for his previous behavior and she leaves. Iku and Dojo are walking together. She’s tired and she wonders if her Prince Charming had to go through the same process after he helped her. Dojo asks if she regrets the interrogation. Iku says no and Dojo says that he’s sure her Prince Charming felt the same way. Dojo mentions that things are going to get worse from here on out, and when Iku thinks she needs help she should rely on him. Awwwwwwwww!

Dojo hands off Iku to Shibasaki. The girls go for dinner together. As they enter the cafeteria everyone looks at them. All the other Library Corps members are whispering about Iku. She thinks about Dojo’s warning that things are going to get worse.

Shibasaki talks to Hikaru about the Future Planning Committee. She asks if Sumigawa was involved. She wants to know if Hikaru’s brother is involved with what is happening to Iku. Hikaru says that it is his problem, but Shibasaki is still concerned about Iku. She says the situation is worse than he thinks.

Hikaru talks with Dojo and Komaki in a dorm room. He confesses that he has a brother who was pressuring him to join the Library Future Planning Committee. He rejected the offer, and now is afraid that his brother is targeting the people around him. Dojo says the he’ll inform Genda of the situation. Iku is summoned over the dorm intercom to take a call. It is Hikaru’s nefarious brother Satoshi Tezuka! Look at his evil grin as he uses his phone!

Dojo is just about to settle in for the night. He’s making some noodles in a cup when he hears a commotion outside. It is a horde of love-struck Library Corps men stalking Shibasaki.

Shibasaki says that Iku has vanished, leaving a note behind. Everyone convenes to discuss the situation. Hikaru wants to search for her, but Dojo tells him to stay behind, fearing that Hikaru’s response will just be walking into his brother’s trap. Dojo sits alone in his room waiting for Iku to return, his noodles in a cup abandoned.

Iku is meeting with Satoshi in an expensive restaurant. He shares his philosophy with her. He thinks that the confrontation between the Library Corps and Media Enhancement is ridiculous. The Library Corps must abandon their mission in order to support greater freedom in 10 to 20 years. Iku doesn’t want to give up the good fight. She wants the Library Corps to protect the right to read as it currently exists.

Satoshi says that she’s just bait for him to get to Hikaru. He tells her to pass on a message – if Hikaru joins the Future Planning Committee, Iku’s interrogation will end and her innocence will be proved. Iku says he’s horrible. She won’t be so cruel as to pass on such a horrible message to Hikaru. He’s the one being persecuted not her! A sopping wet Dojo appears at the restaurant. He demands the return of his subordinate. He throws some money on the table and grabs Iku’s hand, forcing her to run out of the restaurant.

Dojo says that he came because he’s her superior and was worried about her. Iku accuses him of being a busybody and starts to cry. Dojo says she did a good job. He tries to reach up to pat her head and asks what kind of shoes she’s wearing.

Iku’s interrogation was called off. Shibasaki engaged in an information campaign in the dorms, telling everybody the truth in order to get the gossip to stop. She meets with her friend for the last time, saying the she knows he was also working for the Library Future Planning Committee. She won’t have anything to do with someone who participates in framing an innocent person. Hikaru comes out of the bushes and Shibasaki thanks him for acting as her bodyguard.

Hikaru asks Shibasaki to help him get rid of a watch that Satoshi gave him a long time ago. She suggests trading it in for some liquor and she just happens to know a good pawn shop. Iku gets a letter from Satoshi enclosing the money that Dojo left at the restaurant. He writes that he can’t mess with a girl whose superior officer is the Prince Charming that she’s admired since high school. Iku freaks out!!!

Although the plot of library war with its reliance on politics and bureaucracy is a little bit on the ridiculous side, I keep being charmed by the way the characters relate to each other. What will happen now that Iku knows the truth about Dojo?! There’s one thing this series gets right: library committees are the work of the devil.