Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #12

It is finally here! The showdown between Amethyst and Dark Opal! Sorry for getting a little off track with my posting schedule, things have been somewhat hectic around here.

The cover of Amethyst #12 shows a victorious Amethyst hefting a sword while Prince Topaz and Lord Garnet grin in the background.

She’s surrounded by gold picture frames containing supporting characters like her dear departed Granch, the Emerald Princesses, a surly Prince Carnelian, Citrina, Sardonyx, Dark Opal, and a worried looking Mr. and Mrs Winston.

Sardonyx is falling through nothingness in the strange dimension inhabited by the Emissaries of Varn. He grabs a passing shooting star and shoves it in the face of one of the Emissaries.

That’s pretty bad-ass. I would think it would both hurt a bunch and be physically impossible to hold a star in your hand, but I guess the normal laws of physics don’t apply if you are in Varn.

I’m not quite sure what to make of the revelation that Sardonyx was hiding a set of goat-like horns under his headdress.

Dark Opal stands in his fortress monologuing about his awesome breastplate making him invincible while Amethyst, Topaz, and Garnet lead the attack!

Dark Opal yells that Amethyst returned to the Gemworld to avenge her parents, but instead she’ll join them in death. Lord Garnet suggests that they shield the others while Amethyst plans a new line of attack. She’s not sure what to do because she only managed to escape when she fought him before, she’s never actually beaten him.

Amethyst comes up with an idea that has been used for climatic battles in comic books often – combining everyone’s powers to come up with a stronger attack. Since Dark Opal’s gems are only fragments, the combined power of the master gems wielded by their true owners may defeat them. Citrina volunteers to act as a focus for everybody’s power. Citrina asks the Diamond Priest to come up with the proper alignment for the focused attack.
Amethyst asks Citrina if she’s ready, and Citrina replies that if she’s not, they’ll know soon enough when their attack fails.

Sardonyx is back in Dark Opal’s fortress! Sardonyx says that only Granch was able to escape a similar exile and now that he’s returned he will have his revenge.

Citrina falters, and Amethyst takes on the role of focusing everyone’s powers, blasting at Dark Opal.

Opal tells Amethyst that she’s a stupid girl, and her choice to attack him on his home territory has sealed her doom. She replies “You may have the home advantage Opal, but it’s still ten against one!” He says “So it is, dull-witted child! But I am absolute! I am supreme!” Opal blasts at Amethyst and her allies and he hits Lady Topaz. She is as yellow as her gemstone, concluding that she was crazy to ally herself with Amethyst. She suggests surrendering and begging Dark Opal for mercy. Lady Turquoise says that they’ll fight Opal to the end no matter what. Dark Opal is standing around and gloating when he’s suddenly hit from behind by Sardonyx.

Dark Opal is harsh towards his former friends! Sardonyx joins his magic with Citrina’s and they funnel some new strength to Amethyst. Amethyst blasts Dark Opal again, but notices that they have no effect. He’s become chaos incarnate, and Amethyst’s attack only invigorates him. Carnelian lurks in the shadows thinking that Dark Opal has gone insane. The fortress starts to crumble, but Opal says he doesn’t need a fortress anymore because is magic is “beyond all those who would oppose me!”

Carnelian is looking out for number one as usual. He’s worried that Opal will turn the Gemworld into a magical hell, and he won’t be able to defend himself since he lacks magic powers.

Citrina and Topaz defend Amethyst and the other Gemworld nobility from Dark Opal’s minions while they are locked in combat.

The Emissaries of Varn are back! They are unhappy that their payment Sardonyx has escaped. Carnelian sees them and thinks that maybe he should stand back and let them attack Dark Opal. But he reaches for his knife, thinking that his fate will be worse if Opal isn’t finished immediately. Amethyst gathers everyone’s mystical energy for a final attack.

Amethyst blasts Dark Opal and the Emissaries start trying to swallow him up! Carnelian has an extremely sweaty forehead! He notices that Opal’s forcefield is down. Carnelian stabs his adoptive father in the back!

Opal collapses and so does his fortress!

Dark Opal’s kingdom vanishes. Amethyst thinks that there’s a more profound change in the Gemworld, and Citrina says that it is a falling away of darkness that she senses. You know things will turn out well because there’s a pretty, pretty rainbow!

Prince Topaz takes Amethyst’s hands and says “You are the light Amethyst. Now a world as wonderful as it was when your mother reigned is yours to command. And for as long as you will have me by your side, I am yours as well.”

Amethyst says that she can’t stay and lead them, because even though she has marvelous powers and a grown-up body inside she’s still Amy Winston. She has to return to Earth. Everyone says goodbye to Amethyst. She promises Citrina to always think of everyone kindly and tells Prince Topaz she’ll never forget him. Amethyst says that she won’t be far away if the Gemworld needs her.

Amethyst returns to her home, her parents and dog are excited to see her. Her mom says “Oh Amy, Amy, Amy” and Amy says “That’s my name!” Her father asks if she’s sure that she’s Amy and not Amethyst. Amy says that Amethyst did what she needed to do, saving Gemworld. Mr. Winston says that’ll be something to tell her friends about.

Amy says the whole experience wasn’t really fun because so many people died. She’s tired and just wants to sleep. This is an example of why I’m so fond of this series – instead of ending everything with Amy happy to be home, she’s still haunted by her experiences in a not very positive way. Mrs Winston wakes up in the middle of the night. She goes to check on Amy and finds her room empty. She’s about to call the police, but Mr Winston goes downstairs and sees Amy sleeping on the floor with her dog Taffy. Mr Winston says “I think our little girl is home for good.”

Back on the Gemworld Dark Opal’s kingdom is beginning to recover. Plants are growing and lizards are scurrying everywhere.

Dark Opal’s brooch is still there and it is pissed!

Well that’s it for the first twelve issue Amethyst mini-series. I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at one of my favorite comic book series. I’ll keep plugging away at recapping it. The Amethyst Annual and the sixteen issue mini-series from 1985 are up next. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, let me know.