Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #8

This issue’s cover shows Amethyst is sitting in the middle of some shattered crystals filled with the reflections of Prince Topaz, Lord Garnet, Citrina, her mother and father, Princess Emerald, and Lady Turquoise.

The mysterious Emissaries of Varn are at the Diamond Sanctuary. The Emissary in the green cloak begins to inhale.

The Diamond Priests sense that their magic is leaving for a higher plane of mystic unity. One of the priests comments “Then the day of oneness is achieved! The day of death!”

Most of the Diamond Priests welcome their fate, but one senses that they are under siege from evil forces. He wants to fight.

The Emissaries of Varn swallow up the Diamond Sanctuary. The Emissary in the yellow cloak spits it out again, leaving a pile of rubble.

In the meantime Amethyst and Topaz have been sitting up all night talking around a campfire. Topaz is feeling guilty that he hasn’t been thinking about his father.

Amethyst talks about her anger over Granch’s death and says that her father told her when her grandfather died that no one you love is ever dead.

Camping in the Gemworld!

Topaz is sorry he never got a chance to know the people that Amethyst loved so much. He takes her to view the sunrise. Topaz really enjoys perching in high places and looking at the scenery. I wonder if he’ll get another hobby.

The yellow Emissary of Varn rides through the Gemworld landscape, approaching Dark Opal’s fortress. He meets with Dark Opal and hands over a diamond fragment. Carnelian is lurking around, wondering what will happen to him as Dark Opal’s hier if Opal succeeds in linking the twelve stones. Opal sends the Emissary on to his next mission. Opal tells Sardonyx that when his breastplate with the twelve gems is completed no power on Gemworld will be able to stop him.

Sardonyx isn’t happy about Opal’s deal with Varn, and he’s worried about what would happen if one of the diamond priests survived, since the diamond stone is so powerful. Carnelian is loking out the window and spots the tiny lizard that ran away with one of Granch’s amethysts. Carnelian decides to pursue the stone without telling Dark Opal. As he runs outside and grabs the lizard’s tail, the lizard somehow taps the amethyst’s magic, turning into a powerful dragon while exclaiming “WOOGA WOOGA!”

At least Topaz will let Amethyst drive when they go out on dates. They are riding Amethyst’s winged unicorn back to Castle Amethyst. Amethyst apologizes for the condition of her home, saying that she heard it was more glorious when her parents were alive. Topaz is always ready to try out his smooth moves, saying “No need to make apologies, Princess…any house where you are a mistress must be a place of unmatched beauty!”

Lord Moonstone pledges his loyalty again. He’s brought along his son and heir. Turquoise appears to be very excited about the prospect of battling Dark Opal. Amethyst and her allies walk through the castle, talking about their situation. Lord Garnet points out that they are only 4 houses united, with another 4 standing against them; Dark Opal, Sardonyx, and Lady Sapphire. Moonstone chimes in “And this lad’s evil-minded sister the new Lady Topaz!” Amethyst tells Moonstone to stop being so insensitive, saying that Prince Topaz doesn’t need to be reminded of his sister’s treachery. She asks Garnet to continue his comments. Garnet says that their hope lies with the remaining houses. Diamond is aloof and Ruby is afraid. Lady Emerald is on the brink of insanity and since Lord Aquamarine is a water sign, he’s ruled by too much feeling.

Amethyst wonders about the reference to Earth astrology and asks Citrina if there’s a reason behind it. Citrina tells Amethyst about the Gemworld’s origins. Citrina has Amethyst to gaze with her into the Well of Vision for a flashback sequence. It turns out that Gemworld’s inhabitants originally came from Earth. When a star going supernova threatened to disrupt the mystical energies of the universe, a young Citrina led a migration of magical creatures from Earth to their new home on the Gemworld.

Citrina senses that something is wrong with the House of Diamond. Amethyst and her allies start to journey there. Garnet advises Amethyst that she needs to show courage and valor when facing the Diamonders to win them to her cause. She says she’s ready, but:

Everyone is shocked to see the rubble in the diamond realm. Lord Moonstone is furious, saying that they have to go after Dark Opal now. Garnet tells Moonstone to keep his head together. Prince Moonstone says that he shares is father’s anger but waits for Amethyst’s instructions. Amethyst decides to stick with her original plan and go to the House of Ruby next. Everyone hops on their flying unicorns!

Lord Moonstone comments that he hopes Amethyst is choosing her actions because of conviction, not because she’s afraid. Lady Turquoise brandishes her sword saying “Watch your worlds carefully old man! No one speaks to Amethyst that way!” Amethyst tells Turquoise to put her sword down. She says that since she wasn’t raised on Gemworld where battle is a way of life, so she’s less eager to fight. She knows what she’s doing though, and she’s not afraid.

Down below in the shattered Diamond Sanctuary, a solitary priest digs himself out of the rubble.

In the Emerald Domain the vizier tells the middle Princess Emerald to speak to her mother gently, because she’s still upset over her eldest daughter’s death. The Princess tells Lady Emerald that she has to act against Dark Opal, especially since they both saw the power of the Princess Amethyst. Lady Emerald continues to cry saying that Dark Opal will swallow everything in the end. The Emerald Princesses decide to act on their own.

Ruby used to be the ruling house of Gemworld, now the red kingdom is called the Ruby Ruins. Amethyst introduces herself to the elderly lord, saying that she’s been told that Ruby ruled the Gemworld before her parents, and he was Amethyst’s loyal ally against Dark Opal. Ruby points out that he’s suffered greatly for his service to Amethyst. She asks him to join the cause again, but everyone is distracted by some tremors. Ruby is being attacked by the Emissaries of Varn!

Amethyst prepares to defend Ruby’s kingdom. Garnet blasts the Emissary in the green cloak with no effect. Amethyst tells him to save his magic while they develop a plan of attack.

Lady Turquoise says the Varn trio haven’t fought back yet, so they should strike now. Green Cloak blasts Turquoise with a stream of boulders. Lord Moonstone decides to fight back, lifting a giant boulder himself and heaving it at the Emissaries. Green Cloak swallows up the boulder and Lord Moonstone. No one knows what to do!

Prince Topaz starts to be sucked into the vortex, but Amethyst blasts the Emmisary. Topaz tells her to save herself, but she says “I’m not going to leave you! I won’t let you die!”

There’s an explosion and a Diamond Priest suddenly appears! He says he’s the bringer of death.