Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #6

Tons of stuff happens in this issue! As you might guess from the cover, Amethyst finally gets her very own winged unicorn.

That has to be a great compensation for finding out that you’re adopted and being forced to go to a mystical realm in order to fight the evil Dark Opal.

As the issue opens, Amethyst is flying away from the junior high with her parents. I don’t know what the flight is doing to Mr. Winston, but he looks absolutely deranged.

At home, Amy explains that she has to go back to the Gemworld in order to fight for her people. Her parents say that they always knew something strange would happen due to the way they got Amy.

Mr and Mrs Winston were in the hospital having just lost a baby when Citrina appeared before them, handed them a baby girl, and rearranged the doctor’s memory so that he thought Mrs. Winston had given birth to Amy.

Amy says that she’s obligated to leave, and promises to come back when everything is over. Her father tells her to do whatever she needs to do. Amy steps through the portal to the Gemworld.

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Amy’s parents react to the flight.

Amy leaves Earth.

Back in Gemworld.

When Amethyst returns to the Gemworld she finds out that days have passed during her absence. Granch has already left to storm Dark Opal’s fortress. His siblings were not the type to wait around for Amethyst’s return. Amethyst wants to leave to help Granch with her magic, but Citrina tells her that Granch’s choices are his own and the time isn’t right for Amethyst to face Dark Opal yet.

Amethyst has to learn how to fight. The training montage begins!

Amethyst learns the arts of war and refines her magic skills. She’s the best student her teachers have ever had and they can tell that she’s destined for greatness.

In the meantime, Granch and his siblings have reached Dark Opal’s Fortress. Because of their heritage they can control a small part of Opal’s stone and they attempt to dampen his magic. Granch’s sister has magical abilities that have driven her insane. If she can keep her focus she has the potential to be a powerful opponent for Dark Opal. Granch’s brothers start attacking Dark Opal’s forces and five of them die.
Granch breaks through to Opal’s chambers with his remaining brother and crazy-witch sister. Opal is waiting with Sardonyx and Carnelian. Granch says that “Three heirs of the Opal remain…to return their legacy of hatred with a vengeance!”

Dark Opal replies that he’s happy to have fresh meat to feed the demon dragons. Oh, snap!

Amethyst is still occupied with her training montage when an ominous shadow falls over her. It’s Lord Garnet, showing up by riding his black winged unicorn to Castle Amethyst. He has a white version of his unicorn with him. He says “It is I, young Amethyst. I, Lord Garnet of the stormy peaks — warrior king and once your father’s master.”
Amethyst takes aim with her bow, saying that her father is dead. Citrina stops her. It turns out that Garnet was Lord Amethyst’s school master in the arts of war. Amethyst promptly apologizes. Garnet thinks she has her father’s temper and her mother’s charm and beauty.

Garnet swears fealty to Amethyst and gives her the white winged unicorn. They take a spin in the sky and Amethyst revels in the experience of flying. Later Garnet says that the other houses have grown restless and are waiting to rally around Amethyst. He comments that everyone will be gathered soon for the wedding of Lady Sapphire and Prince Topaz. Amethyst says “It would be the perfect chance for all of them to get to see me and wreck Dark Opal’s Plans!”

Garnet is amused.

Granch’s battle at the fortress continues. Carnelian shoots Granch’s brother. Everybody comments on how the battle is going!

Granch’s sister uses her magic to blow up the gun Carnelian was holding. She then punches out Sardonyx. Granch and Dark Opal face off. Opal gains the upper hand.

In the Topaz Keep Prince Topaz continues to perch in high places and mope about his upcoming wedding while pining over Amethyst.

Topaz Mopes

Lord Topaz tells his son that he has to accept the marriage to Lady Sapphire or he’ll have to face the danger that befalls a man who is allied with Princess Amethyst. Opal wounds Granch horribly. There’s a cute bit of juxtaposition here.

Prince Topaz says that no danger is too great for love and he’d rather that his life be brief and have meaning than to enter into a loveless marriage. Lord Topaz says that he’s impressed with his son’s courage and there might be a way to make things work out. Getting together with Amethyst must be a horrible fate, if Topaz’s obsession with her demonstrates great courage.

Dark Opal says that Granch is a true son of Opal, because he’s never had to fight so hard to defeat a foe. The page here is made extra-creepy by focusing on Opal’s eyes while he delivers the killing blow. Everything is off kilter, with Opal’s face and fist never entirely entering the frame.

Granch is dead! Amethyst senses his death. Amethyst says that his death won’t be in vain. She’s going to face Dark Opal again. One of them will live and one must die!

Next issue: Prince Topaz gets married. Or does he?!!!