Tokyopop Manga Pilot Program Links

Here’s a little link round-up of some of the reactions to the Tokyopop Manga Pilot Program. A couple of these may make their way over to When Fangirls Attack, but since the internet seemed to break in half for a couple people the last time I posted multiple times in a row I’m probably not going to do another WFA manga post for a couple of days. So this is for future reference:

The Dual Nature of Tokyopop

“Manga Pilot Agreement”
Tokyopop’s Manga Pilot Pact
Zudacomics v. Tokyopop: Round 3!
Tokyopop Manga Pilots Backlash
Tokyopop May or May Not Possibly Eat Babies
TOKYOPOP Pilot Program Rips Off, Talks Down To Artists
Justice is Still Important
Warning: Tokyo Pop Really likes to Screw over Creators
What? You dun want to sell your soul to Tokyopop? What are you? French?
Tune in Tokyo… Pop

Tokyopop’s Manga Pilot Pact Signs Away Legal Rights
HURT COMICS: TokyoP0p: I’m buying Tom Spurgeon a Drink
May. 29th, 2008