Toshokan Sensō – Library War Episode 5

There wasn’t much action in this episode, instead it focused on Iku’s relationship with her parents. There were some very cute moments as Iku tried to hide her true job from her mom and dad. Iku’s vision of her parents’ visit is terrifying:

scary shadow parents

She asks the gang to help her pretend to be a normal librarian with a desk job:

no help

Dojo refuses to help, saying that everything is her own fault for not telling her parents about her job before. But as the episode continues he always seems to be in the vicinity when Iku needs someone to intervene.

mom and dad

It is very cute that as a nod to the issue of Dojo being shorter than Iku, her dad is shorter than her mom. Iku’s dad suspects that something is up and he spends most of his time nosing around, pointing out that Iku’s librarian skills are definitely not as good as her colleagues.

Iku gazes upon Dojo with her usual tender expression:

Genda is about to spill the beans about Iku’s part in last week’s hostage crisis when Dojo comes up to steer him away:

dojo helping

Mr. Kasahara asks Dojo about his relationship with his daughter, saying that Iku relates to him as her superior officer and clearly places a lot of trust in him:

sweaty dojo

Mr. Kasahara and Dojo share a taste for the same refreshing beverage:


There’s a magazine with a write up of the recent action of the Library Defense Force, complete with a picture of Iku standing by the director. Iku’s Mom keeps making a beeline for the magazine, so Iku asks Dojo to help her hide it. He points out that she’s taken an oath to protect people’s free access to information. Iku ends up distracting her mom by handing her a magazine with a cute actor on the cover.

free access!

There’s a thief in the library! Iku runs after him and quickly subdues him:

take that library thief

Has she given herself away? Iku discusses her job with her parents and shares her ambition of protecting books, just like her long-lost Prince Charming. Iku’s mom wants her to have a safer job, but Iku’s dad supports her decision. Later, when Dojo is cleaning the room where Mr. Kasahara stayed, he finds the magazine with the article about the Library Defense Force with a dog-eared page at the photo of Iku. Iku’s dad knows all!