Toshokan Sensō – Library War Episode 2

The second episode of Library War features bear punching, book shelving, and a fateful encounter with a book truck:

Our heroine Iku gets assigned to a special library task force, which means more training:

wearing a backpack with a shovel would make me cranky too

Dojo is on the task force as well:

walking in the woods

Flashback to a tender moment:


Iku’s marksmanship is sub-par. Another recruit, Hikaru, does very well and there’s tension between him and Iku. Iku is much better at him at jumping out of helicopters though.

target practice

She’s told there are bears in the woods!
not the bears!

A bear enters her tent while she’s sleeping, so she punches it:

bear punching

Only to find out that, alas, she didn’t takedown a bear after all:

not a bear

Back at the library, Iku and Dojo clearly are destined to marry and have tons of librarian freedom fighter babies:

Iku and Dojo - Awwww

Book truck blues:

tripping over a book truck

Iku is a little careless when it comes to shelving books/and or filling book requests, I’m guessing. Hikaru is standing next to Iku, he’s not happy with her.

shelving books is hard!

Then there’s a dramatic military assault on the library, where the computers get locked down when the alarm sounds:
computers locked

The library task force has to suit up with guns against the thought police:


Iku ends up rappelling down the side of the building in order to retrieve a duffel bag of books that the bad guys were trying to steal. Hikaru provides covering fire and everything ends well:


Except I think Hikaru announced that he likes Iku at the end of the episode. Ohmigod!

Also, there’s an eyeglass store merchandising tie-in. I think that’s hilarious.