Bad Kitty Manga

Yet another young adult novel is going to be turned into manga, as seen in this cover image:

Bad Kitty

I don’t know about this. Jas looks a little too overly perky to me on the cover. This is from Tokyopop’s collaborative deal with Harper Collins. Here’s the description of the book:

Jas just wants to spend some time with Jack (sigh) and her friends at the mall, when she stumbles upon a mystery at the jewelry store. (She also turns in a purse she finds, but that’s no big deal – or is it?) If there’s anyone who can solve a mystery, keep her love life intact, and avoid arousing suspicion of the Thwarter (aka, her dad) – all while looking totally rad – it’s Jasmine Callahan. But mysteries often beget more mystery, so once she puts the case of the stolen diamonds to rest, that purse she found comes back to haunt her: turns out it belongs to a missing classmate and the FBI are kind of wondering what Jas was doing with it.