Bring it On! (@ your library)

While I don’t think I’m capable of devoting an entire week to Cheerleading, I felt compelled to compose at least one post in honor of Bring it On Week. Because libraries are also cheertastic!

Cheerleading can be dangerous. There’s the risk of injury and the horrible illnesses that may strike when you’re away at cheerleading camp (Clinical Infectious Diseases). Even worse, you may encounter President Gerald Ford.

If you were a cheerleader in Wyoming in the 1950s, there is a high chance you might have worn a goofy hat. Sometimes cheerleaders were forced to wear letters on their sweaters, bows around their necks. Or yell through megaphones. Sometimes it isn’t the cheerleaders but the spectators at a game that might wear something wacky, as seen in this great picture of Warren Buffet hanging out in a fur coat with a cigar.

If you want to protest something more than your opposing team, why not try a little bit of Radical Cheerleading? Just remember, as you are trying to bring more super cheertasticness to your life that your library might have some cheerfabulous resources for you.