I Hate You More Than Anyone!

I Hate You More Than Anyone by Banri Hidaka 2/5 stars(amazon)

The title is probably the most interesting thing about this manga. Kazuha Akiyoshi is the oldest of six children. She seems to have an inexplicable attraction to older men with non-traditional jobs. Every Tuesday she looks forward to picking up her little brother from daycare, because she has a crush on his teacher Mizushima. However, Mizushima’s hairdresser friend Sugimoto keeps hanging around Kazuha, even though she keeps proclaiming loudly that she hates him. Eventually Kazuha realizes that her feelings for Sugimoto might not be hatred after all, and her feelings for Mizushima were merely admiration. Kazuha’s interactions with her brothers and sisters were sometimes amusing, as they comment on her tomboyish look and get her to change her clothes before she goes to meet Sugimoto for their first date. The art was serviceable but not very attractive.
This book was disjointed. I’m not sure if there were some problems with the translation – people refer to Sugimoto talking like a woman, but there isn’t really anything in his patterns of speech that indicate this. It might be tough to translate some of the gender specific expressions found in Japanese to English, but since it is mentioned a couple times, more of an effort might have made to actually represent this quirk of character. I don’t feel compelled to read beyond the first volume of this manga. Based on the title, I was hoping for a little more hatred and a little less pedestrian shojo romance.