Reading List, May 2006

Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings by Megan McCaffery – I was prompted to read these due to the great YA plagiarism scandal, and I’m happy I picked them up because they were so funny and well-written.
Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld – I steered clear of this when it first came out because of all the hype, but I found a used copy during my recent travels across the country. It was very good, and almost deserving of all the hype.
A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin – I was going to reread the other books in this series before picking this up, but I ended up reading it without a refresher on the characters and plot, with the result that I was sometimes confused.
Conrad’s Fate by Diana Wynne Jones – She’s always great. I was happy to find a Chrestomanci book I hadn’t read yet.

Beck #2, #3 – I read these at the bookstore.
Boys Over Flowers #8, #9, #10, #11, #13, #16, #17 – Can you tell I’m enjoying getting all caught up with this series?
Tower of the Future #1
Arcana #1, #2 – Interesting manhwa title from Tokyopop. I might try to read the later volumes. Every character has an acute case of the pointy chins, and they are sometimes a little difficult to tell apart.
The Wallflower #1, #2 – This was a bookstore read. It was more amusing than I thought it would be. I enjoyed the dark gothic neurotic nature of the heroine of this story about a misfit girl and the guys that live in her aunt’s boarding house. It is sort of like Pygmalion, if Eliza Doolittle was an ardent fan of Italian horror movies, and Henry Higgins was a gang of cute teenage boys.
Bambi and Her Pink Gun #2 – Even though this is the type of title I’m happy to just check out of library and I don’t feel any particular need to own it, I really like the production job on this book, with the colored ink, and the pages that get redder and redder as the body count piles up.
Hikaru No Go #3, #4
Verses #1 – Violins and melodrama from CMX
Fushigi Yugi #18 – The final volume! I didn’t read every book of the manga because I’d watched the anime, but it was nice to see everything all wrapped up.
Chikyu Misaki #1 – This was totally charming.

Superman: Secret Identity – I mostly liked this, but I thought the ending was a bit lame.