Carnival of the Infosciences #32

Step right up to the 32nd Carnival of Infosciences. This carnival has something for everyone, from 2.0ers, to those who enjoy the latest developments in books.

In Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and Radical Trust: A First Take, Darlene Fichter discusses how the idea of radical trust helps build emergent systems.

InfoSciPhi writes about why he decided to become a librarian in Linking the Past to the Future or, Why I Love Information

Even though some people may read all their news online, Lis.dom reports that the death of the newspaper is greatly exaggerated, especially with the need for local news.

Library person and author Paul Acampora shares some thoughts on recent reading in Smackdown: Goodwin vs. Zusak (or Lincoln vs. Death)

From up north, we got the tip that the Canadian Association of Law Libraries has started their first blog for an upcoming conference, and you can get a peek at the planning process here. Even though library conference blogs are plenty exciting on their own, they’ve added an element of suspense with a mystery blogger.

I asked for posts about National Library Week, and Nicole at What I Learned Today sent in an account of what they’re offering at her library. To complement her post, I’m adding adding a few more “Editor’s Choice” National Library Week posts. Check out the Stump the Librarian Contest, fun videos from Library Tech Bytes, the Wyoming Law Library blog offered up a crossword puzzle, podcasts from Lansing IL, and the Allen County Public Library showed off some great bookmarks.

I’m going to wrap up the Carnival with a couple last Editor’s Choice links:

Fuse # 8 (who has a funny series on the Hot Men of Children’s literature on her blog), shares what happened at the New York Public Library’s Annual Summer Reading Meeting

The Library and Information Sciences track of Higher Ed Blog Con starts this week.

And if you haven’t been checking out TechEssence, get over there already!

In one of my posts about the carnival earlier this week, I asked which fictional male librarian would win in a fight, Jet Li’s character Simon from Black Mask or Rex Libris? Although there was a late breaking vote for Giles, a clear majority of people think that Black Mask would be able to beat anyone. Here is a lovely photo of Black Mask making good use of the CD collection at his library:

black mask

Next week’s Carnival is at ReferenceWork, send in your posts early and often.