Bloglines and WordPress 2.02

It really seems like there’s something going on with bloglines not picking up on feeds after people upgrade to WordPress 2.02. My feeds don’t work, and when I looked over some of the other blogs I follow that also run WordPress, I’m getting similar bloglines error messages when logging in to see if there are any updates from Comics Worth Reading, Rose Read, Etc, Polite Dissent, and Stefan. I’ve searched the wordpress support forums, and I haven’t found anything concrete about this problem, so I’m assuming that this is a problem on the Bloglines end. After semi-breaking my site yesterday while noodling around trying out different settings and rewrite rules for the feeds, I’m not even going to attempt to do anything about this problem for now. I did drop a note to Bloglines customer support, but I haven’t heard anything yet.

Update: It looks like everything is working just fine now. That’s great, I must have super blog mojo or something, that the problem would be fixed shortly after I blogged about it 🙂