December Movies

I’ve been hanging out with the future Mr. Tangognat, going to a bunch of movies.

King Kong – Great special effects, but the action on Skull Island drags on too long. I think the best part of the movie takes place in New York. Naomi Watts did a great job, I thought Jack Black seemed a little miscast.

Syriana – Challenging movie with a convoluted plot. I might have to see this again, because I’m sure I missed some of the details as I was trying to make sense of the interlocking storylines. Many good performances by a huge cast of actors.

Munich – Great performance by Eric Bana showing how an assassin grows more and more paranoid as he takes on a mission of revenge. I kept waiting for the moment that Spielburg would go for an obvious symbol like the girl in the red coat in Schindler’s List. I thought he managed to hold off until the last frames of the movie. My sister was glad that the 1970s hair styles covered Mr. Bana’s ears, and so was I.