Library 360

I do think the technologies people talk about when they talk about library 2.0 (blogs, wikis, social software, instant messaging) are quite nifty, but sometimes I wonder about the terminology librarians rush to adopt. Someone comes up with web 2.0, so we must have Library 2.0, because it sounds all 2.0ish! Would any library user have any idea what “Library 2.0” means if you mentioned those words to him? I guess I have no problem saying “Library 2.0” if it just is an umbrella term passed back and forth among geeky librarians, but I wonder about adopting jargon that will make no sense to anyone outside the profession. So few people have any idea what a library or librarian does, I’m not sure how adding more layers of obfuscation helps matters any.

So I’m determined to start a new movement called Library 360. Features will include:

1) Greenness
2) 3 core processors ensue that OPAC searches are executed with breathtaking speed.
3) HD library services allow users to view citations with greater clarity.
4) Library 360 live creates a virtual marketplace that will raise money for library friends groups.
5) Spartan Armor replaces trusty cardigans.
6) Before asking a reference question, library users must spin around in a circle to experience 360ness and get dizzy.
7) All library directors must legally change their names to “Master Chief.”