Good Monday

I suppose any Monday when you don’t have to go into work must be a Good Monday. On the last day of the long weekend I went downtown to the Windsor Button because they were having a 20% off yarn sale. It takes a 20% off sale for me to not look at a skein of yarn there and put it back because I can get it cheaper online. I bought some Noro Silk Garden and some Malabrigo for hats. I also bought some foundation I needed and some overpriced lip gloss so I could get the bonus gift from Clinique. Yay for free(ish) makeup! I found some comics I’d been looking for, I’d missed the third issue of Desolation Jones when it first came out and I finally managed to track down a copy of Sugar Sugar Rune which I’ve been looking for in bookstores without success.

I wrapped up the day by going to see Mirrormask, which was lovely. It was just what I was expecting – moving Dave McKean illustrations. There were a couple scenes where the small budget showed, but it was a beautifully surreal movie punctuated with random bits of humor. I got to the movie late so I missed the first couple minutes, but I quickly got caught up in the story of Helena who journeys to a strange world and gets caught up in the quest for the Mirrormask.