need sleep

13 hours is a long day, especially when 5 of those hours are spent in meetings/training sessions, and 4 hours are spent at the reference desk. I think in my last question at the desk, I sent someone off to the bound journals when we also had the back issues of the journal online. Oh well, the student is still getting the article even if it wasn’t in the most convenient format.

I feel a little conflicted about banned book week. On the one hand, I do agree with Jessamyn’s comment that it has partially turned into a big marketing ploy and there are other issues to be concerned about. On the other hand we still have people destroying books.

Dark But Shining goes through the ALA list and pulls out the scifi, fantasy, and horror titles that are frequently challenged.

I’m going to eat a snack, and watch an episode of Princess Tutu, which is a very surreal and symbolic anime about a little duck who falls in love with a prince and then she is transformed into a normal girl who can transform into “Princess Tutu” so she can vanquish her enemies with the magical power of The Dance, except for when she accidently transforms back into a duck.