List of library blogs

I’m not sure how I feel about lists of blogs. I think it is tough to rank blogs, just because there isn’t a very reliable way of really calculating readership for a blog. That being said, I thought the Biblioblogosphere article in Cites & Insights was interesting, especially because Walt provided his data and details about the methodology he used. I was a little surprised that I ended up on the list, but I was psyched to see that my blog ranked fairly high under comments and conversational intensity. Yay for comments!
I do think that using bloglines as a way of measuring how many people read a feed would end up undercounting blogs that are based more on communities like livejournal. But I’m not sure if there is any other method of estimating how many people may be subscribed to a feed, unless everyone were to use a service like feedburner which may give more precise statistics. I wonder how the numbers will shift if the study is repeated, trying to measure how many people may link to a site probably gives higher numbers for blogs that have been around for a few years.