Ask TangognaT: anime catalogs

Sarah Writes, “Do you know where I can subcribe to free japanesse anime/movie catalogs that can be sent to my house?”

If I get any catalogs, usually they are from online stores where I’ve ordered anime in the past. One good catalog is from rightstuf, they often have great deals. It looks like their print catalog costs $4 to have it delivered to your house, but if you order from them they will take $4 off your first order. You can download the catalog for free too.

Animenation has the same type of deal for its catalog.

For Japanese movies, back when I was buying Asian Studies materials for a library, I liked the Facets catalogs. Some of their catalogs are free for U.S. addresses. They focus more on asian cinema in general, so although I do think they have an anime section you are more likely to find live action Japanese movies in their catalogs.

ADV let’s you download its catalog, but I wasn’t able to find a place to sign up for mail delivery.

This is actually a tougher question than I expected, because it looks to me like most of the major anime retailers don’t send you catalogs for free! If anyone knows of some good free catalogs, please post in the comments.

I don’t think that the catalogs from rightstuf and animenation are bad deals, since the price of the catalog is refunded with your initial order and there are usually some additional coupons in the catalog. So if you are wanting the catalogs to do mail order, I’d pick either rightstuf or animenation (I’ve only ordered from rightstuf) and order the catalog. If you order something from rightstuf I think you’ll start getting later print catalogs for free.