Reading List, March 2005

Naked by David Sedaris. Soooooooo Funny. I always worried when I was reading this on the bus because I was laughing to myself like a crazy person. (amazon)

Paradise Fields by Katie Fforde. Cute and predictable British chick lit. (amazon)

Being Committed by Anna Maxted. A British woman works through her committment issues. (amazon)

The Other Side of the Story By Marion Keyes. I sense a distinct pattern with my reading habits this month.

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. I picked up an advance copy of this YA at the ALA midwinter meeting. A mountain community is thrown into an uproar when it is announced that the distant ruler of the kingdom is supposed to pick a bride from the villiage girls. An academy is established to train all the girls (willing or not) to become proper princesses. The heroine of the story Miri is a bit of an outsider as she is too small to help her family quarry stone. Does Miri want to become a princess, or will she remain with her family? (amazon)

Spitting Feathers by Kelly Harte. Brit Chick Lit with a parrot. (amazon)

Manga and Graphic Novels

Fruits Basket #2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Queen’s Knight #3
Mars #1 (reread)
Basara #10
Kare Kano #14
Suki #2, #3
Cheeky Angel #1
Cromartie High School #1
Tsubasa #3
Planetes #4.2
W Juliet #3
X/1999 #17