Ask TangognaT: asking about Ask Tangognat

Elythia writes:

I like the idea of the “Ask Tangognat” feature, but you’ve only put one up so far. Are people not asking you questions, or are you so buried under a deluge of queries from people seeking your wisdom that you are unable to keep up? Or is everyone shy and asking you to not blog their responses?

So far, there hasn’t been a deluge of queries. I’m answering this question, and I have another question that I need to answer, so that will make 3 questions that have come in since I put up that contact form. I think that’s good! It is a bit of an experiment and if it becomes a weekly or monthly feature on the blog, I think that would be cool.

Also, are you looking specifically for questions about librarian-ing, manga, and knitting, or are you accepting other types of questions, such as “Is it unhealthy to watch the Kung Fu Hustle trailer twelve times in one day” or “What kind of Fluevogs should I buy with my tax return”?

I think I’d be fine with any type of question. If I don’t feel qualified to answer a question, I’ll say so and attempt to point the question asker in the direction of some helpful resources. I think it is unhealthy NOT to watch the Kung Fu Hustle trailer multiple times in one day, and I like these Fluevogs.