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Shawn Fumo on the CMX Tenjo Tenge editing uproar. This does seem like a mistake for CMX. I don’t think it makes much sense to edit down an adult title to a teen level by drawing on extra clothes, etc. Either label it 18+ and shrinkwrap it, or get the rights to a series that is more in line with the editorial direction of the rest of properties published by CMX in the first place. Of the few (Madara, The Swan, Land of the Blindfolded) CMX titles that I’ve tried, I do really like Land of the Blindfolded. I’m not the target audience for Tenjo Tenge, and I would never have bought it anyway.

All the “Blog People” on Gorman, a round-up of posts on LISNews.

Street Angel page up to promote the Comics Festival book. Discovering titles like Street Angel is one of the reasons I like reading comics blogs. I also actually picked up an issue of the new Legion reboot after reading so many posts (good and bad) about it. These are things that I probably wouldn’t have picked up on my own if I was just browsing the store.

This might change soon but look how high the wiki appears in searches for certain comics.