wiki spam makes me sad

I made the first level pages on the wiki only editable by registered users. There have been a few attempts at wiki spam over the past couple of days, and I’d rather not have to deal with it too much. We’ll see if this helps. I’m going to try to update some of the semi-neglected pages on the wiki over the weekend. A few pages I think are in first draft status as opposed to rough draft. The Horror Comics, Fantasy Comics, Crime and Suspense, and Manga pages aren’t looking too bad, and there are some good links on the Autobiographical/Non Fiction comics page. I hope to be putting more original reviews on the wiki as well as linking to online reviews for each work.

If anyone out there wants to help with some of the underdeveloped pages on the wiki like World Comics or Indie comics, that would be fab. I’d like to have some good content on those pages, but I don’t have much background myself when it comes to those types of comics, so I’d be flailing around a bit when attempting to organize or improve those pages, just due to my own lack of knowledge.