can’t stop the wiki!

The work wiki that we’re going to be using for our department’s reference manual is going full steam ahead — a student worker is going to be transferring over the content. It’ll be interesting to see how we end up using it when it is up and running for real. There weren’t really any major problems when we started to blog, so I’m hoping the transition to the wiki will be just as smooth. Lishost has been a great place to host the blog and wiki for work.

On the Comics4LibrariesWiki, I liked the way that Nat set up the Fantasy Comics page, and I think we’ll try to duplicate that organization across the site. I’m wondering though if once the lists are too long, it would be better to have an individual page for each title which could be organized and grouped by the wiki categories function of the software.

Other things possibly in the works: registering a domain name, and setting up an amazon associates account (proceeds from people buying through the wiki could be donated to a cause like CBLDF).