@%&! Library Instruction!

It never fails, around two weeks before my last class is scheduled I start feeling totally burnt-out. This happens every year. I’m feeling insanely cranky about teaching right now. Sometimes the subject matter just gets so repetitive, it is a little difficult for me to maintain my enthusiasm even though usually all the students and professors I work with are great. I can fake enthusiasm though! This is where my adventures in acting when I was in high school come in handy — someday I’ll write about the lame musical where I had to sing a solo and dance on top of a table, the time I had to ace bandage my breasts to play a foppish male swordsman, or the time I had to flail around on stage as the wife of a sheep stealer in a mystery play. Oh, wait, I just wrote about that, never mind 😉

Someday when I form a punk librarian band, I’ll pen a protest song about library instruction. I will of course play the cello, because there is no instrument more punk than the cello. Here’s the start of my song:

Library Instruction!
Die Die Die!
Database searching!
Cry Cry Cry!
Boolean Operators!
Blah Blah Blah!
Lexis Nexis

Chorus: Yoko Ono style wailing.

I think that might work, don’t you?

I think I have Thursday off this week. I’m gonna go see the Incredibles. Only 17 more classes left for this semester, and then I’m done!