I was trying to come up with a category for postings when I just want to list a bunch of links with minimal commentary. I mean, some people have seperate linklogs, or have categories like “asides” or “assorted sweets” and I wanted a nifty category like that, but I also wanted the category to be a palindrome, because I’m weird that way. So, I’m going to put any linkblogging into the category of “pip”, which has many meanings, among them (thanks to dictionary.com):

  1. The small seed of a fruit
  2. To wound or kill with a bullet
  3. A disease of birds, characterized by a thick mucous discharge that forms a crust in the mouth and throat
  4. A spot or speck.
  5. Any of the small segments that make up the surface of a pineapple
  6. A short, high-pitched radio signal.

I think that’ll have me covered. So, your pips for the day:

Sequential Tart on Fairy Tale adaptations

Sim/Gaiman Project, an archive of the form letters Dave sent to Gaiman fans who wrote to him requesting a free comic
Anime adaptation of the Count of Monte Christo, from studio Gonzo (via Unnamed Anime Blog)
Someone posted a comment asking for pictures of the Sailor Moon live action show, I don’t have any, but the Tokyo Jupiter blog does.
Mari posts all about strange Japanese pens