back to school refgrunt

First shift on the reference desk with the students back!

Anna Karenina
I’m sorry, I don’t have a protractor.
Yes, go ahead and use the phone to call your prof.
Number of times I say a variation of “Well, we can check to see if we have your textbook.. but the library doesn’t have every textbook used for every class…now we can check reserves…sorry we don’t have your book, you might want to hunt down someone in your class if you need it to do your homework tonight.” – around 11
One person wants the textbooks for her class, but doesn’t know the names of her professors or course numbers (so I can’t look anything up in reserves). She doesn’t have her syllabus or know the titles of the books she needs. I suggest that she attempt to login to the online course system to see if a syllabus with reading assignments is posted that we could use to get more info…no luck. She says she is just going to not do her homework.
I can show you how to Interlibrary loan.
Your book is over there
An instructor comes to the desk asking for libarian Z. Sorry, the only reference librarian here in the evening is me, you can try stopping by during the day tomorrow. I ask to see if I can help him with anything, but he spoke to librarian Y earlier. OK.
That book is over there
Students want to check out dvds and love Owen Wilson. We don’t have one movie they want, so I suggest The Royal Tenenbaums., and show them how to look up dvds in the catalog.
Thank you for returning the pencil that libarian Y lent you!
“Where to go to read magazines”
Photography books
How to find articles on the Japanese educational system
A man comes to the desk carrying a copy of Persepolis. We bond over graphic novels, and I regretfully tell him that we don’t have In the Shadow of No Towers.
Books are over there
I chat with an art instructor about a book that was withdrawn from the collection, tell her how to place materials on reserve, and show her Xrefer.
That book is over there
Poetry books
Monologues for an audition piece
Last question of the night, as I’m walking home a man driving a bulldozer drives by and needs directions to the post office (?!!!)