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One of the nice things about the age of DVD box sets is the way you can go back in time and watch shows that you barely were able to see the first time they aired on TV. I think I caught a couple of episodes of Profit before it was canceled but all I remembered about it was that the main character wore gloves, slept in a box, and had an extremely close relationship with his stepmother. If you are in the mood for a TV show about a deliciously machiavellian anti-hero, you really can’t go wrong with Profit. Jim Profit had a horribly abusive childhood where he was forced to live in a box and forced to watch TV. He grows up to become the perfect scheming yuppie, worming his way into the power structure of the company whose name was printed on the cardboard box where he was confined as a child. Although some people detect his evil nature, Profit always seems to manage to survive any plans to expose him. The show has some virtual reality animated segments that look very dated now, but it really was ahead of its time in the way it combined dark comedy with drama.

Go Kinky!

There has to be something good about reality TV if it results in a show that documents author and musician Kinky Friedman‘s campaign to become the next Texas governer. In the course of the first couple shows he argues with Dwight Yoakum, calls for the unconditional surrender of the current governer, gets his hair cut by his Palestinian hairdresser and campaign advisor Farouk, and promises to make Willie Nelson the next head of the Texas Rangers. He says things like:

“Governer wants a bagel!”
“When I’m governer I’m only going to leave the mansion to go to Vegas”
“First rule, no meetings. Put it on an index card and give it to me like they do with George W.”
“Save yourself for Kinky.”

I’ve always been amused by Kinky. I’ve read a few mystery novels by him which feature a detective named Kinky. I also think that anyone who writes songs like “They Ain’t Making Jews like Jesus Anymore” should be a governer.


I have to admit, I heard a spoiler about a certain event on Alias, but I totally didn’t believe it because it seemed way too awful.

Actually I still don’t believe what happened. It is pretty clear that almost everyone on Alias has a doppleganger or clone, so as far as I’m concerned, the clone died. The CLONE died, ok??? OK?!!!!

William the Bloody TV Movie

I’m not sure what to think about the news that a Spike TV movie may be in the works. I do own every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (except the 7th), and I did buy Spike and Drucilla action figures, but even so sometimes I wonder if it is best to just let a TV show end. I was thrilled that Farscape had a mini-series to tie everything up, but this case just seems like yet another way to spin off a series to the point where I wonder if it is sustainable.

Dawn Redux?

I’m wondering a bit about the next season of Alias. I can see why they have to write JG’s pregnancy into the storyline, it is really hard to hide your stomach behind furniture placement and clothing in a spy show. And maybe they can do something intresting with the Rimbaldi storyline, Sydney could be preganat with the anti-Rimbaldi or perhaps Rimbaldi’s clone. But I’m wondering about the uncast new agent female agent who is going to appear. I understand they probably can’t have Sydney run around in a bikini anymore, but the whole situation seems a bit like the introduction of Dawn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for me. And we all know how well that worked out…

Spawn of Alias

Assuming that Jennifer Garner is pregnant for the start of Alias filming next season, how are they going to work around it? Possible storyline ideas here:

-Sydney is pregnant with the reincarnated Rimbaldi, and the baby will bring about the end of the world
-It is Vaughn’s baby, and is born with a very wrinkly forehead.
-It is Will’s baby! And he comes back from the witness protection program to be a househusband.
-Did they take away all of Sydney’s eggs last season, or just a few? Maybe she gets kidnapped by the Covenant and impregnated somehow.
-Sark is the father!!!!!!
-In a spectacular crossover event, Sayid from Lost is the father.