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A marital betrayal of epic proportions

When my husband and I were out today doing some after Christmas sale shopping, I remarked that I felt really exhausted and he told me that he’d been secretly running an experiment on me by mixing decaf coffee beans with the regular coffee. I’d been drinking half-caffeinated coffee for a week without my knowledge. My husband admitted that he’s violated basic principles of bioethics for human experimentation, since he did not run his experiment by an Institutional Review Board and I did not sign any sort of release form or know that my coffee had been fiendishly adulterated.
All this time, I’d actually been drinking a second cup of coffee in the morning and still feeling tired. I thought it was because I was sick. Now I know the truth.

New Glasses


I think they’re a bit “brainy librarian” but hopefully not in a bad way!

Thanksgiving Break

I’ve had a good, restful Thanksgiving vacation. Instead of the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie, Mr. Tangognat and I had corned beef and cheesecake. I finished all of my library books, and I’m determined to not check out anything more until I’m able to make a dent in the stack of unread books I have at home. So far I’ve finished The Deception of the Emerald Ring by Lauren Willig and I’ve started on The Mislaid Magician by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer.

A good day…

Is when you get home from work, and you’ve got a box of comics and a package of yarn at your doorstep 🙂

Lunch delayed by library people and their handcarts

In one of those “only in Utah” moments, my husband and I were driving to get some yummy middle eastern food today when a couple motercycle cops stopped traffic to let a large group of people (some of them dressed like pioneers) cross the street, with handcarts loaded with a ton of boxes. I noticed a library hours sign on one of the carts and thought it was a little wacky. It turns out it was the relocation of the LDS Business college. In Utah, you can’t move anything without putting on a calico dress, a bonnet, and pulling a handcart. I could have been eating my hummus at least 10 minutes earlier!

Reader, I married him

The man formerly known as the future Mr. TangognaT is now Mr. TangognaT, as we were married last Friday. We had a nice Buddhist wedding with a chuppa. My little sister got to run around spritzing the guests with wisdom water as part of a purification ritual, and my Dad officiated the ceremony. Mr. TangognaT and I are back home in Salt Lake City now, hanging out and trying to settle in to our new condo.

Mawidge, the bwessed awwangement

I’m in Illinois knee deep in wedding preparations. Some random wedding details you might enjoy:

I put together wedding favors in sessions with my sisters as we are watching season two Deadwood. It seems a little odd to be tying ribbon on fans while watching a saloon owner struggle with bladder stones, but that’s how we do things in Central Illinois.

My little sisters are also going to be ringing bells as part of the ceremony. They were practicing their parts with bowls and a chopstick apiece, because evidently that’s all you need to practice most Buddhist rituals.

I bought some fancy paper to use on our DIY wedding programs. I forgot the paper so my future mother-in-law was going to FedEx it. Imagine her surprise the day after she sent the paper, when a random man with a cardboard mailing tube showed up at her door. Evidently the package fell off the truck or something, because this man found it IN THE STREET! She took it back to FedEx, and I hope it gets here tomorrow.

My Mom was inspired by Gone With the Wind, because she’s making the chuppa out of the lining of her old living room curtains.

On the road

Despite the horrible rain in Massachusetts, the future Mr. Tangognat and I were able to pack up my apartment yesterday and start our trip out west. We actually have a little bit of space in the uhaul trailer because I shipped almost all of by books media mail and a ton of other stuff by UPS. I tried to give a bunch of my stuff away through freecycle, and we made three trips to Goodwill to get rid of other items. I did feel a bit of a pang of regret when then people from 1800GotJunk came to take away my couch. It was my first piece of grown-up furniture that I bought after graduate school. But there’s no space for my couch in the new condo, so it was time to get rid of it!

Evidence of Packing

Things at my apartment are in this state of limbo where some things are packed, and everything else is chaos.

The hallway:


When there are no more books on the bookshelves, the bobbleheads and action figures are lonely:

empty bookcase


More boxes:
the horror that is my living room