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Now I am six

I just realized that I’ve been blogging for six years! It has been challenging keeping the site updated since I’m now running around after two toddlers, but I’ll keep plugging away. Thanks for reading everybody!

The Midwest Loves Dio

I’ve been traveling in Illinois and Ohio listening to the car radio and I have now heard “Rainbow in the Dark” more times than I ever thought possible.

Good Friday

I’ve had a good day today, mostly because Mr. Tangognat was able to take the twins for the afternoon. It was really good to get a break, because I’d had a rough couple days earlier in the week being all cooped up with them, plus Thing Two has developed a habit of wailing whenever I’m not within a 4 foot radius of him.
So, I was able to walk to the cafe that’s close to my place and get some lunch and worked for an hour. Then I finished volume 3 of Dokebi Bride and started Sharon Shinn’s new book Reader and Raelynx. In addition to some yarn I got for Valentine’s Day, I also received a gift certificate to my LYS so I picked up some silk garden for this ubiquitous striped scarf. I hope you had a Friday just as good, or a very good weekend!


Well, posting here will continue to be somewhat sporadic. Between looking after two babies, starting a new (very part time) job, and general life stuff, it is a little tough to set aside time for blogging. I had family visiting for the Thanksgiving holidays, which was very nice. It was great to see everyone, and the built in babysitting allowed me the extra special treat of going to see three movies in a week: Hitman (Timothy Olyphant needs his mustache back), Beowulf (I found the animated people creepy), and No Country For Old Men (best movie I’ve seen in a long time).

Bisy Backson

Well, I haven’t been blogging much recently, and I’m not likely to anytime soon, because I will be otherwise occupied:


Thing 1 & Thing 2 are identical twins, and were both around six and a half pounds.

More Home Improvement

One of the weirdest things about my condo was the old owner putting in a fake wine bar where the hallway closet used to be. You don’t get the full effect in this photo, but you can get the general idea: there was a shelf around chest high, another shelf with plastic wine glass holders, and wine themed wallpaper:

weird front closet

There was no way to hang up a coat, or use the space for anything you would want to use a hallway closet for. Oh! and there are no doors for the closet either.

A couple days ago my esteemed husband, Mr. Tangognat, started banging away at the shelves and this is what it looks like now:


I think already this is a great aesthetic improvement, because the only person the old closet would have appealed to was the elderly dipso with the strange fetish for wallpaper borders who installed it in the first place. Unfortunately a craftsman screwdriver gave up its life in the struggle against the nightmarish faux wine bar. Rest in peace, little craftsman screwdriver, rest in peace.

8 things

Ah, I’ve been tagged.

Here are 8 things about me, then.

1. I really like this yogurt. It is chock-full of fat, but I like it anyway.
2. The other day, I committed a horrible fashion crime of wearing Birkenstocks with capri pants. Now those sandals are a fashion crime all by themselves, but I think wearing them with short pants is beyond the pale. I had my reasons though.
3. I recently spent a somewhat insane amount of money on yarn.
4. Yotsuba& scans make me happy
5. I just started posting as an author over at LISNews.
6. My husband has been making fun of me for the past two days because I have some sort of weird blood flow thing going on with my ears, and they look a little lopsided. Hopefully I don’t have leprosy.
7. I’ve been really tired recently, which is why I haven’t been posting as often as I used to. Hopefully I don’t have chronic wasting disease.
8. Although I might sound alarmist, I’m not really a hypochondriac.

I’m not gonna tag 8 people, but if you like this meme and want to play along feel free to do so!

more home improvement

One of the more loathsome daily reminders of the decorating taste of the former owner of our condo, who I tend to call “that woman,” is her dining room light fixture:


The picture is a little blurry, so you are spared seeing the dragonflies decorating the lampshade, and the sickly-looking amber plastic beading dangling about. This light fixture hung low enough that I could easily smack my head into it when I mopped, and I’m short.

So we replaced it with this light fixture, which looks like a benevolent glowing UFO when it is turned on:


6 weird things

These memes spread like a horrible virulent disease. I’ve been tagged again.

So, 6 weird things about me:

1) During my high school years, I attended 4 different high schools in two states.
2) I’ve studied Russian, French, and Japanese, although I only remember a little bit of French and some Japanese.
3) A cult (or just some strange people wearing funny sheets) lived next door to my house when I was very young.
4) When I was younger and absorbed in a book, I wouldn’t be able to hear people talking to me unless they said “chocolate”.
5) I feel strangely nostalgic for defunct comic book characters like Amethyst and E-Man.
6) When I was just learning to talk, I parroted a phrase that my father taught me, “My name is Herman Goering” at Passover dinner. Fortunately, no one else could understand what I was saying.