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done with the conference

I’m not sure why I thought I’d get a ton of stuff done on Sunday after checking out of my hotel. I ended up being uber-tired because Saturday was a LONG day, and the future Mr. TangognaT and I decided to just come down to Champaign instead. So I missed some programs I was vaguely thinking of going to and I missed the OCLC bloggers get-together thing. But it was better to come home and get some rest! I might post a bit about ALA later.

battle cry quiz

via Doom City:

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Prowling across the candy store, swinging a sharpened screwdriver, cometh Tangognat! And she gives a vengeful howl:

“For the love of beatings, I pillage until Satan himself emerges from the pit to thank me!!!”

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

“I’m trying to have more fun these days”

J.J. Abrams and those crazy cliffhangers! I can’t take it! It is pretty typical that someone would disclose a stunning personal revelation that changes everything right before a car accident. I was waving my arms in the air and screaming, it was just so startling. Ack!

I find it so entertaining when Sydney’s Dad starts torturing people. That is a little disturbing, perhaps.

I’m so glad it didn’t rain today, I walked to and from work. I’ve been doing a ton of project management and committee work, and it gets to be a bit much at times, so I’m happy about the three day weekend. I need to finally see Star Wars 3 and run around and do some shopping.

Ask TangognaT: Best Boston Websites

Stefan wants to know what the best Boston web sites are:

I think that the best place to go for buzz from Boston blogs and information about current events is Universal Hub. The guy who runs Universal Hub also runs Boston Online, which features handy articles like the wicked good guide to Boston English and a directory of local links.

There’s always old standbys like, Boston Herald, The Phoenix (their best of guides can give you ideas for restaurants, etc), and craigslist. If you are into shopping Daily Candy has a Boston guide.

Since I am a librarian, I have to point out the coolness of the Boston Public Library.

Sooz blogs a bunch about Boston area events. Sushiesque also posts fun neighborhood pictures from time to time. Bostonites is a big Boston area web ring.

That’s about all that comes to mind immediately. I tend to use Universal Hub as my main place to get local web sites and read selected posts of local bloggers. If anyone has other cool Boston area web sites, please comment!

Basketball Chat

Elythia: Dirk Nowitzki is pretty cool.
TangognaT: indeed. but he needs to score more right now
TangognaT: yes!
Elythia: hee
TangognaT: poor josh howard
TangognaT: damn Canadian should have given him the ball
Elythia: damn Canadians always hogging the ball!
TangognaT: bwah!
TangognaT: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
TangognaT: i’m gonna upgrade your blog software, are you posting anything tonight?
Elythia: nope
TangognaT: ok
TangognaT: i shall do it now
TangognaT: i can’t take the tension
TangognaT: dampier can’t make free throws!
TangognaT: give the ball to dirk
Elythia: oops
TangognaT: i’m getting an ulcer
Elythia: ack
TangognaT: damn Canadian
TangognaT: go dirk
TangognaT: god bless dirk and his rebounding ability
Elythia: hee
TangognaT: not that i believe in god
Elythia: of course.
TangognaT: may the buddha bless dirk and his rebounding ability!
TangognaT: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
TangognaT: go stack
TangognaT: yes!
TangognaT: i hate steve nash
TangognaT: i used to like him but i hope he rots
TangognaT: dirk is really really mad
TangognaT: overtime!
Elythia: indeed.
Elythia: I don’t watch basketball that often, but this is rather exciting.
TangognaT: well, if phoenix wins they win the series
Elythia : right
TangognaT: your blog is now upgraded to wordpress 5.1.11111111111111
Elythia: woo!
Elythia: I just related what you said about dirk to some other people, and they’ve renamed the room “may the buddha bless dirk and his rebounding ability!”
TangognaT: oh, another chat room?
Elythia: yeah.
TangognaT: i am now stomping on my mini lego figure of steve nash
TangognaT: bleh
Elythia: hee
TangognaT: now i have removed mini lego steve nash’s head and submerged it in tea
TangognaT: go blind due to my voodoo magic!
Elythia: maybe tea will suddenly spurt out of his ears. that would be funny.
TangognaT: i’m hoping
TangognaT: yes jason terry!
TangognaT: go dirk…damn
TangognaT: focus dirk!
TangognaT: he’s a bit too angry right now, like a rampaging visigoth
TangognaT: i doubt visigoths could shoot 3’s
TangognaT: damn nash and his stupid nike commercial
TangognaT: jerry stackhouse is good
TangognaT: nash is satan
TangognaT: why is my voodoo not working?
Elythia: need stronger tea?
TangognaT: i don’t know
TangognaT: i’m doing my best here
TangognaT: it is pretty strong tea
Elythia: maybe you need a blowtorch.
TangognaT: i knew i forgot to pick up something on my way home from work
Elythia: no
TangognaT: ohmigod
TangognaT: not the ankle
TangognaT: bleh
Elythia: yeah
TangognaT: i shall drink some beer soon
Elythia: sounds like a good idea.
TangognaT: 1.6 seconds
TangognaT: erk
Elythia: damn
TangognaT: oy
Elythia: well, there it is.
TangognaT: bleh
TangognaT: i’m bummed out
TangognaT: i will go workout and watch fruits basket anime now
TangognaT: laters
Elythia: bye

Isabella, Filenes, and Bollywood Jane

Well, my Mom and my little sister and my stepfather are in the Boston area scoping out east coast colleges. Today we went to two major attractions of Boston, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and Filene’s Basement. The Gardner museum was stuffed full of so much stuff, I started feeling a little dizzy after walking through only a couple rooms, because I wasn’t sure where to rest my eyes. I hadn’t been to the museum before because usually when people visit me, I’m still working during the day so they tend to do more sight-seeing stuff when I’m not around.

After doing some shopping we went to see Bride and Prejudice, which I enjoyed because it isn’t too often that you see a movie so unabashedly cheesy. It was fun seeing elements from Pride and Prejudice reflected in the Indian setting. There were a couple familiar actors from American TV — Alexis Bledel pops up briefly as Georgina Darcy and Naveen Andrews (Sayid on Lost) plays the Mr. Bingley role. I can see why some of the reviews of the movie said that the Bollywood elements were a little off, because some of the musical numbers could have been a little more over the top. It was still a really cute movie.

Inside Higher Ed and the Chronicle

I blogged a bit about the new Inside Higher Ed site before, and I was surprised to see a comment on my old post from the editor of the Chronicle explaining that the Chronicle isn’t offering less free content than in the past. It was really the vanishing of the Site Sampler link and not seeing any featured articles on the free page of the Chronicle that led me to believe that there was less free content on the site, I still think that was a reasonable assumption. I wasn’t trying to diss the Chronicle, but I miss the old Site Sampler section. And if I’m hanging out at home on a Sunday morning I’m more likely to turn to Inside Higher Ed for a news fix, because the content is free and they tend to feature interesting blogs from people in academia. But that’s just me, I’m not the type of person who would subscribe to the Chronicle as an individual subscriber, because I am more likely to spend $80 on yarn or buying 8 volumes of Fruits Basket. This is why I’m not a professor or a highly placed person in academia!!!!!