Fall TV Season!

Because I enjoy watching TV while knitting in an attempt to pretend I am doing something productive, this is what I’m watching:

Shows I like:

Revenge – Last season was pretty horrible. I was mainly watching only to see whatever Nolan happened to be wearing. However I feel like with the start of season four, Revenge is getting back to the loopy soap opera that I enjoy. I mean, someone breaks out of an insane asylum! Drug plants and arrests! Someone inexplicably becomes a cop! Mysterious people appear from the past! Nolan wears turquoise suits!

Scandal – Love this show and especially Olivia’s coats. Do people have wine and popcorn Scandal viewing parties? I feel like they should. Back in the day my friends and I had pie and donut Twin peaks viewing parties.

Selfie – I watched the pilot, I would happily watch John Cho in anything so I will keep on with this sitcom!

Mindy Project – This is a good era for romantic comedies on TV. This show is consistently hilarious.


I’m watching It’s Ok, That’s Love right now and enjoying it a lot! I’m hoping Three Musketeers will be available in the US soon.

Shows I don’t like, but will possibly watch anyway:

Agents of Shield – Ugh. I watched the last bit of the previous season just because of the whole Winter Soldier tie-in, but I am not enjoying this much. Feel like I should be spending more time watching old school Sailor Moon instead.

Arrow – I sort of hate watch this show. My husband likes it! I will probably watch it more consistently now that I know Brandon Routh will be on it. I feel like the Flash will be more of the same, and I will watch it too!

Gotham – Also not so great. I keep hoping that Michael Raymond-James will show up and it will suddenly turn into Terriers.