Summer TV Consumption

There’s a new Bringing the Drama post on Big over at Manga Bookshelf. It is too bad the writing for the series took a turn for the worse. I never thought I’d give up on a Hong Sisters’ drama halfway through, but that is pretty much what happened. Instead, I am watching A Gentleman’s Dignity and enjoying that a bunch. It manages to combine humor with some compelling if somewhat predictable soap opera in the way that all good Korean dramas do. The story centers around a group of 4 older men, which is a little different from a more typical show.

When two fairy tale themed shows started last fall I think I watched just one episode of Grimm and didn’t even try Once Upon a Time. But I recently watched the whole first season of One Upon a Time when I was under the weather, and I found myself enjoying the Disney-inflected modern day characters with their weird collective case of amnesia. The structure of the show flashes between slightly non-traditional fairy tales (Snow White is a bandit in the woods) and present day Maine, where the characters are trapped with no memory of who they used to be.

I’ve tried the first few episodes of Covert Affairs too, and it seems like a less angsty version of Alias, without the wacky Italian mysticism. I will probably continue watching that.