Amethyst available for pre-ordering on Amazon

Just in case you were planning on ordering a copy or three, the Showcase Presents: Amethyst Princess of Gemworld volume is now available on Amazon!

I have to admit, I got excited when I saw the listing since I’ve been pining for a collected edition of Amethyst for so many years. I do wish someone would improve the description of the book:

Princess Amethyst, sole survivor of the House of Opal, was whisked away from Gemworld after her family was wiped out by the evil Dark Opal. After being raised to age thirteen on Earth, she was attacked by Dark Opal, who had tracked her to her adoptive home at last. But his attack served to awaken her dormant magical powers. She then returned to Gemworld to claim her rightful place and protect those in need.

Because that is inaccurate as well as not very compelling. Where’s the love triangle? Where’s the crazy body switching stuff between Gemworld and Earth? Why not mention all the cute but fickle princes who are running around?

Also, while it is nice that writers/creators of Amethyst are credited:

Writers Dan Mishkin and Gary Cohn created the series AMETHYST, PRINCESS OF GEMWORLD for DC Comics, as well as the stuntman turned super-hero BLUE DEVIL and the 1980s horror series “I, Vampire.”

It would have been good to mention Ernie Col√≥n’s art, because the distinctive look he brought to the series really elevated it into something special.