The geekiest thing I have knitted

I generally only knit for close friends, family, and people who I’ve written a book with. Since I have a limited amount of time to knit I generally only knit projects for myself. But it is fun to figure out how to make something new, which I did when Dave asked me to make a Space Cabby scarf for him. Since Dave is the world’s foremost Space Cabby fan and I obviously love Amethyst Princess of Gemworld, I feel we share being placed in a similar position of linking comic book characters who are so obscure that there will never be any licensed merchandise produced for them. So there’s not much else to do than make it yourself! Dave described the scarf he had in mind, and sent me a rough drawing of what he wanted it to look like.

This scarf was knit simply, but I had to do the bow tie in intarsia which was a knitting technique I hadn’t tried before. You can see Dave modeling his Space Cabby scarf here.