Clockwork Scarf and Ragtop Mitts

I’ve knit a couple things.

First, this Clockwork scarf:

This was a fairly fast knit, and the slipped stitch details keep the endless garter stitch a bit interesting. I can see myself knitting a few more of these. I didn’t mean to duplicate the colors used in the pattern sample scarf, but the grey and blue were what I had on hand in my disturbingly large sock yarn stash.

The other thing I knit a few months ago, but just got around to taking pictures of them were these Ragtop Mitts:

I love the vivid red of the Madelinetosh yarn I used for them. It makes me think if a superheroine were to wear knitted mitts, these would be a good option. See, I’m going to make a fist and start punching like Power Girl:

These are actually very nice to wear when driving in the cold. They keep your hand all protected from a freezing steering wheel, but your fingertips are still plenty mobile for driving. I’m probably going to make several more, this pattern is so easy and quick to knit.