Some housekeeping notes

I’ve decided to shut MangaViews down. It didn’t get the type of support it needed to continue, and it was too much for me to try to keep up with the data entry on my own, although there were several people who helped. I really appreciate the efforts of everybody who pitched in to start it up. It didn’t seem like there was enough interest to keep it going. I probably am trying to maintain too many sites as it is, and with work and everything I’m not even able to update what I consider to be my core blogs as much as I’d like.

Amethyst Tumblr is still going strong! Starting that tumblr is helping me restore the images on all the Amethyst recaps on this blog (I accidentally overwrote the archived images when a wordpress update went horribly wrong). So far, there are images up for the first mini-series and about half of the second mini-series. Slowly but surely!

After being loyal to libarything for a long time, I’ve switched over to goodreads just because it seems like an easier tool to keep track of my current reading habits.