Millenium Prime Minister Volume 1

Millennium Prime Minister Volume One by EIKI EIKI

I have a weakness for certain shoujo plot devices. I am very fond of the crazy way to begin a series where an ordinary high school girl will suddenly find herself transported to a new environment. She might suddenly be forced to be a live-in maid to a family of three hot brothers that she attends high school with. Or maybe she’ll suddenly get a job writing erotic rock lyrics for the hottest band in the world. Or perhaps she’ll be abruptly kidnapped by a group of art school students. My favorite series with this type of plot will always be Marmalade Boy, where the heroine’s parents abruptly announce that they are swapping partners and introduce her to her hot new stepbrother.

In Millenium Prime Minister the ordinary high school girl is 16 year old Minori. She challenges a random guy at a video game and beats him. He grabs her, feels her hair and announces that she can be his wife. Kanata Okazaki is about to be sworn in as the youngest Prime Minister of Japan. Kanata decides to kidnap Minori from school and take her home so he can ask permission to marry his teenage bride. Her parents promptly agree to the engagement, thrilled with the idea of their daughter becoming the first lady of Japan. Naturally Minori moves into the Prime Minister’s compound, where she is surrounded by a horde of handsome male aids. One of the aids named Sai seems to have more intense feelings towards the Prime Minister than you might expect from an employee.

Millennium Prime Minister is not particularly artistic or profound. It is lightweight, disposable shoujo and it fits in that category very well. Eiki Eiki’s art is competent but not very distinctive. I enjoyed the touches of humor throughout the series, like Kanata’s weird obsession with fixing the hair of everyone around him. I wonder if he’ll retire from politics to become a hairdresser. This seems like a good series to read during the summer when you don’t want to be engaging your brain too much. I’ll likely sample the next volumes of the series if I feel the need for another fluffy shoujo fix.

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